Helpful Websites

Title I teachers deliver high-quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive learning environment at each Title I school. These teachers have also identified a number of family-friendly resources that may be accessed through the schools’ Title I Schoology sites. Additional online resources are included below.

Curriculum, Instruction and Student Achievement Report

Each year, the Minnetonka School District produces an annual report on curriculum, instruction and student achievement. This report is required by state statute to be mailed to each resident in the district. The report is updated each October with information from the previous school year. Please contact Janet Swiecichowski with any questions.

Additional District student, staff and achievement data is available on the Minnesota Department of Education Report Card, which provides easy tools to compare the District to the State or any other Minnesota school district.

Math Resources at

This site includes activities for working with children at home:

Title I Program Information at

This site describes the purpose of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, the foundation of the Title I program:


Steve Urbanski
Director of Curriculum