The Big Hunt for Ideas

What is the Big Hunt for Ideas?

The Big Hunt for Ideas, is a crowd-sourced innovation platform Minnetonka Public Schools has been using for the past 8 years to engage front-line staff in the conversation of how we can make education better for students. Instead of the traditional strategic planning process that many school districts use today, Minnetonka committed in 2011 to using Innovation as the new plan to drive ideas and solutions forward for the future. The Big Hunt for Ideas starts in the fall of the school year. Staff submit meaningful thoughts and conversations, which turn into ideas. The top ideas are then brought to an Idea Workshop phase, which brings Human-Centered Design together with Lean Startup. In the spring of the year, ideas are prototyped, data is captured, innovators are celebrated, and the culture grows.

What’s new this year?

Human Centered Design
This year, staff will participate in a newly structured hunt that leverages the latest in innovative thinking; Human Centered Design. HCD is an innovative process that includes, “building deep empathy with the people you’re designing for; generating tons of ideas, building a bunch of prototypes; sharing what you’ve made with the people you're designing for; and eventually putting your innovative new solution out in the world.” -David Kelley, IDEO

Leading with Empathy
This year, Minnetonka staff will have the opportunity to share what matters and tell their story through Empathizing first instead of ideating. Well known and respected Stanford d. School states, “To create meaningful innovations, you need to know your users and care about their lives.” We want to listen in order to learn more about what problems, opportunities or unmet needs our staff has, so we can design powerful solutions for Minnetonka Staff and Students.

How do I get started?

1. Log into your SSO and click on this icon:

2. Starting Monday, October 1st, engage in the conversation and Submit a Spark!

What is a Spark?

  • A Story
  • A Problem
  • An opportunity
  • An unmet need
  • A Pain point
  • An experience
  • The start of a conversation
  • Not the Idea
  • Not the Answer
  • Not the Solution

The Empathy/Sparks Phase will run from October 1-October 21. View the Big Hunt for Ideas Calendar to see all the dates.

Don’t miss your chance to:

  • Embrace New Mindsets
  • Begin with Empathy
  • Evoke a Passion for Change
  • Address Barriers
  • Ideate on what matters
  • Cultivate Creativity
  • Collaborate Courageously with your Colleagues

Contact us

Nicole Snedden
Innovation Coordinator

You can also submit questions and feedback online and receive a response within one business day through Let's Talk.

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