Design for Learning

While technology, furniture, whiteboards and other things are important, we believe that successful learning begins when you put the student learning experience first. Design for Learning allows educators to focus on the student experience, rather than things.


Students are designing, researching, collaborating and creating 21st century classrooms that push the boundaries of what we consider a traditional classroom.

The Design for Learning Committee “empowers Minnetonka students, staff and the community to transform teaching and learning through the design of the learning environment.” This team meets quarterly to:

  • Engage in conversations regarding the design of spaces in the district both present and future.
  • Offer staff development to teachers who are interested in learning about the design process.
  • Support teachers through a grant process as they apply for funding to re-envision their current learning spaces.
  • Provide research-based information to Minnetonka Teachers and Community as well as host a yearly event with guest speakers who specialize in learning spaces.

Some of the key principles

#11 Make it New

Look at learning spaces with 21st Century eyes: Does it work for what we know about learning today, or just about what we knew about learning in the past? Improve the spaces you have by looking beyond to create entirely new spaces that support new conditions for learning.

#23 Make Classrooms Agile

A learning space that can be easily reconfigured will engage different types of teachers and learners.

#34 Imagine Like a Child

Visualize the classroom from the child's perspective. Involve students in the design efforts, they will have unique insights and perspectives.

#67 Make it Feel Good

Schools that are engaging, vibrant and great places to be, will foster a sense of belonging. Use the space to connect with students and to help them connect with each other.

Design for Learning space

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Nicole Snedden
Design for Learning Project Leader

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