Additional District Parent Supports

Strong family, community and school involvement is key to student well-being and overall student success. Minnetonka Schools values our parent partnerships and offers a wide array of supports and groups through the District to connect with the school community and other parents, learn about education initiatives and available supports for students and families. We know that when schools, parents and families work together to support students, student well-being is greater.


The Minnetonka Parent Education Committee

The Minnetonka Parent Education Committee (Parenting with Purpose) is made up of a representative from each school’s PTO/PTA or Advisory Group as well as school district representatives. The group works collaboratively and by consensus to determine, plan, and execute parent education opportunities. Parents in our community are hungry for opportunities to learn how to best support and raise healthy, responsible and happy children. By combining efforts, bringing in experts, and selecting books that support ongoing learning, this committee is bringing access to higher quality parenting information, in an efficient and cost-effective way. As of last year we have been working more closely with Tonka Cares and their new mental health sub-committee to help determine topic areas.

For information on upcoming speakers visit our website.

Minnetonka Public School District Community Education

Minnetonka Community Education supports the educational, social and recreational needs of the community by serving children ages birth to five, youth and adults throughout Minnetonka School District and surrounding communities. We believe in lifelong learning for all people, birth through adulthood and partnerships that support and strengthen the community, schools and families.

Visit the Community Education website.

Special Education Advisory Council

A SEAC (pronounced “seek”) is an acronym for Special Education Advisory Council, which is a group that provides input on special education issues to its local school district. Its purpose is to advise and advocate, not to decide policy. Minnesota law requires each school district in the state to have a SEAC although it does not specify how the groups should be organized or what duties they should perform. Local SEACs advise school districts on the development of programs and services to meet the special educational needs of children and families. By sharing their unique perspective of what it is like to use these services, parents can help the district to be more effective. As a result, outcomes for children with disabilities should improve. Minnetonka Public Schools SEAC’s mission is to provide education and support to all families with special needs children, while providing networking opportunities.

For information on SEAC visit the Minnetonka’s Special Education website.

Minnetonka Family Collaborative

The mission of the Minnetonka Family Collaborative is to support and develop the well-being of all youth and families in the Minnetonka School District in partnership with the community. Minnetonka Family Collaborative partners gather throughout the school year to share information regarding programs, community resources, and look for opportunities to support families and other opportunities to help improve the community. Minnetonka Family Collaborative fosters collaborative processes and bring the perspectives, information and resources of various partners and constituencies to create solutions to service gaps, service coordination and unmet needs of families in the community.

Visit the Minnetonka Family Collaborative website.


Tonka CARES is a prevention-focused coalition made up of 50+ members representing various sectors of the community. Tonka CARES works with local law enforcement, businesses, city government, Minnetonka Public Schools, non-profits supporting youth, faith communities, students and parents to create a healthier community and environment that supports positive decision making among young people. Tonka CARES’ mission is to provide a diverse community coalition that fosters the healthy development of youth, including substance use prevention and early intervention.

Visit the Tonka CARES website.