Lunch Order / Pick-Up Information

Minnetonka Nutrition Services is providing meals for those students who participate in e-learning during the week.

  • Meal kits do need to be pre-ordered. One order per student will need to be completed. 
  • Only the parent or guardian of the student is allowed to pick-up the meals. 

The USDA has announced a short term program which allows Minnetonka Public Schools to offer free school meals to all students on their e-learning days. When this program expires, Minnetonka will continue to serve meals to students and we will keep you informed of all changes that take effect at that time. 

You will pick up meals for the number of days your student is participating in e-learning. We will also include weekend, and non-school days meals with your meal kit. 

Pick-up is on Wednesdays. There will be ONE drive-up location from Noon - 1:00 PM.  

Minnetonka High School - EAST entrance
18301 Highway 7
Minnetonka, MN 55345

Please follow the signs to enter the High School from the far East entrance (by the crosswalk). You will receive a map in your confirmation email showing the new drive-up area.

School Meal FAQ

Will students still be able to receive free lunches when students return back to school every day?

Yes, whether the learning plan is hybrid or full time, free school meals will continue to the last day of school.  For students in the secondary schools, there will be limited a la carte choices to add to a school or home lunch. All a la carte food items will continue to be charged to the student’s lunch account.

Can I still pick up meal kits for my child, if I choose to remain in the long distance learning program?

Yes, as long as there is interest, meal kits will still be available for pick-up at the high school.  Please continue to order your meal kits online here.

Meal kits contained meals for the weekend too. Can I still order meal kits for use over the weekend if my student returns to school full time?

Yes, you may still order meal kits for weekend use, distance learning days, and for any days that school is not in session, for example, Spring Break or a Teacher Planning Day.  Please continue to sign up using the online form here.

Currently Lunch Menus are only posted weekly, why aren’t school menus posted monthly?

For our vendors, this pandemic is constantly evolving and brings new challenges daily with little to no advanced warning because vendor supply chains are sporadic as well.  Often, we have to change our food orders to what our food vendors have available.

  • Due to the Pandemic, food manufacturers are mandated to keep employees socially distanced and have barriers in place in the manufacturing plants.
    • When employees are quarantined either by exposure or infected with the virus they are unable to work from home to produce food -- this causes a trickle effect as suppliers are shorted ingredients they need to make their products
  • Abnormally cold weather in the Northern States as well as in the South has affected transportation and freight companies.  There are not enough refrigerated trucks to keep food from freezing.  As a result, freight is being delayed.
  • Our main food vendor is experiencing very large last minute shortages.
  • Suppliers have all distributors on allocation for many products, so our vendor is not receiving all the food they have ordered.

Unfortunately, the situation may become more complicated as more districts attempt to come back to in-person learning and the demand for school food products increase. Here is a brief recap on how the pandemic is still affecting our school food supply. 

Our ultimate goal is to do the best we can with what is available.  This is only a temporary situation due to the pandemic. We know we can feed all our students, but it might not be all of their favorite meals.  We post our menus after we have verified that the food items ordered have arrived in the school kitchens. This allows us to change the menu, at the last minute, if we get food substitutions.