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VANTAGE's New Health Sciences Format Proves to be a Rich Experience
VANTAGE's New Health Sciences Format Proves to be a Rich Experience

As part of VANTAGE's commitment to provide the best student experience, their Health Sciences strand was reconfigured for the 2018-19 school year. Impacts are already huge as enrollment grew from 16 to 84 students. The amount of energy in the building and the learning that is happening is inspiring.

In addition to AP Psychology and Human Anatomy, each student is either being trained to become an emergency medical responder or a registered nursing assistant. The new format provides insight into the vast career opportunities available in the healthcare field. In the spring, students will have the option to take a state certification exam which could translate into the possibility of a job in healthcare.

Through their first semester project work, students have the unique opportunity to interview and develop a relationship with a resident from a senior living residence as they compile data on how the resident's sense of community and sense of purpose has developed over their lifetime. Students will ultimately make recommendations to the resident facility on how they may want to implement any improvements found during their research.

Human Anatomy instructor, Stephanie Nelson, said, "We have a motivated and adaptable group. Each week, students balance the demands of AP Psychology, their medical science certification, Human Anatomy, a lab at the high school, their 1:1 mentor relationship, and their Semester 1 group project."

Lisa Wagner, Minnetonka School Board Chair, commented, "The School Board is pleased that VANTAGE continues to more than meet the expectations of our students and families. It is clear the adjustments made this year to the health sciences strand have provided new, exciting opportunities for students interested in the medical field. The tremendous growth in enrollment in VANTAGE overall, and the positive comments we continue to hear from students and from community partners are testaments to the program's outstanding leadership and to the strength and quality of the VANTAGE experience for our students. We are so appreciative of our community partners, staff, and mentors for all they do to make this program so meaningful for our students."

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