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Prudential Spirit of Community Award Winners
Prudential Spirit of Community Award Winners

Every year, the District hosts the Presidential Volunteer Service Award celebration. At this event, the District recognizes students who volunteer their time and talents to serve the greater good. From that large group, several middle school and high school students are nominated for the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards. The selection process is very competitive. Many of our nominees have held volunteer leadership roles for many years.

Prudential Award Winners

Prudential Spirit of Community Roster:

  • Madison Andrews, Minnetonka High School freshman
    Madison received her Girl Scout Silver Award by leading a team of adult women quilters who sewed 200 IV tube covers for bone marrow transplant patients. She fundraised, created a prototype, and trained others on how to create the covers which are now in use at Children's Hospital to prevent infection.
  • Cam Anundson, Minnetonka High School senior
    Cam has spent years volunteering through Student Government. He has led committees for the Homecoming Parade, Prom, Veterans Day, Heart Week and many other Student Government projects. He is currently serving as the Treasurer and mentors newer Student Government members.
  • Jacob Bridge, Minnetonka High School junior
    Jacob is an active volunteer in the community. He has volunteered with West Metro Miracle League, I Can Hoop, Boy Scouts, Backpack Tutoring and Lowry Nature Center. He believes that volunteering, especially with children, is unparalleled fun.
  • Andrew Seo, Minnetonka High School sophomore
    Andrew volunteers mornings at MHS in the Transition Room, helping students with various tasks. His primary job is to help students feel happy, included and safe. He also joins them at lunch and checks in with them regularly to make sure they are doing well.
  • Rachel Patefield, MME seventh grader
    Rachel is a volunteer at Free Geek, an organization dedicated to refurbishing electronics and giving back to the community. She has expanded her computer knowledge through hands-on learning and enjoys making a difference in people's lives by giving them access to working computers.
  • Gabi Feygin, MMW sixth grader
    Gabi has raised more than $250,000 to benefit organizations that focus on the health and wellbeing of children in the U.S. and around the world. The money she has raised has been used to support cancer research and provide direct financial support to hundreds of families of children battling cancer.

The following students did amazing volunteer projects as well, and will receive a Certificate of Merit for their hard work:

  • Emily Waddell, Minnetonka High School sophomore
    Emily volunteered at many different places this past year but spent the majority of her time at the Minnesota Zoo and the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. At both locations she worked as a volunteer camp counselor where she learned a lot about nature, led children on projects and ran errands. She really enjoyed making a positive impact in the lives of children!
  • Chloe Russo, MMW eighth-grader
    This year, Chloe wanted to be a leader in her Girl Scout Troop by positively impacting the homeless. She contacted Families Moving Forward in Minneapolis to learn more about their needs and learned that they wanted to upgrade their children's play room. Chloe raised money and applied for a grant to upgrade the play room and make it more comfortable for the children.

Thanks to all our award recipients for being outstanding leaders.

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