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Minnetonka Theatre Earns Top Honors for Chaplin
Minnetonka Theatre Earns Top Honors for Chaplin

The Hennepin Theatre Trust has announced the honors for Minnetonka Theatre's 2019 fall musical Chaplin - and the show was honored with 17 awards, including the coveted Outstanding Overall Production of a Musical.

The Spotlight Musical Theatre Program is the Trust's premier education initiative honoring Minnesota high school theatre programs.

Director Trent Boyum said, "I am thrilled for our MHS Chaplin cast, crew, orchestra and staff. Their dedication to our program is inspiring and they deserve every award given!"

Here are a few comments from the judges...

  • It was a breathtaking, professionally produced production. Thank you so much, team!
  • As Charlie, Nate Turcotte gave a once-in-a-lifetime performance. Honest, strong, vulnerable and poised, he should never leave the field of theater because all of our lives are bettered from watching him on the stage.
  • What a brilliant production. It has stayed with me vividly since the night I attended. Thank you for your attention to detail and respect for your audience's intelligence and taste. Bravo!!!
  • Production numbers were eye-popping, the acting was first-class, and the orchestra was solid. Overall – utterly fabulous!

About Chaplin

This brand-new Broadway musical offers a captivating close-up look at the man behind the legend. It's about a boy who was ripped away from his mother. Chaplin spent the rest of his life searching for unconditional love. Chaplin the Musical explores how his tragic childhood affected his life's work as a filmmaker, and made his personal life difficult, exploring a series of unfulfilling relationships.

Photos courtesy of Dan Norman Photography.

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