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Minnetonka Student Writing for the New York Times
Minnetonka Student Writing for the New York Times

Each year, The New York Times asks high school seniors to submit college application essays they've written about work, money, social class and related topics. Astrid Liden, a senior at Minnetonka High School, was one of only five students to have their article published.

"Being how I am, applying and submitting to every possible thing, I sent in my essay." Astrid said. The next day, she received a call from Ron Lieber, author of the "Your Money" column for the Times. He informed her that her essay was selected out of hundreds to be published in The New York Times and be paid just as a freelance writer would be.

Additionally, she has the amazing opportunity to get an intro to the journalist of her choice, a tour of the newsroom and the opportunity to sit in on the Page One meeting in the morning with all the editors where they decide coverage priorities for the day.

"Thank you for all your support in everything I do," Astrid said to her counselor, "I could not have done this without you." Astrid will be attending Columbia University in the fall.

Read Astrid's New York Times Article here.

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