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Luna used Tonka Online to excel.

Coming to a new country isn't easy, especially when you don't know the language.  Choosing the right school district for your family when you arrive can feel like an impossible task. After moving to Minnesota in December 2021 from Colombia, Luna Lozano’s parents were unsure if they would find a school district that could offer their family the help Luna needed to excel.

“My husband and I were looking for a school that could give Luna the best education in Minnesota when we moved here,” said Luna's mother, Giuliana Lozano. ”We had heard that the Minnetonka School District had some of the best academics in the state, best teachers and a 98 percent graduation rate. Tonka Online was also one of the reasons we chose Minnetonka Schools, as we heard it was a high quality online learning program.”

Tonka Online, an exceptional e-learning experience available to students in grades K-12, is a fully online program that allows students anywhere in Minnesota to have access to the same highly qualified teachers and innovative curriculum that the Minnetonka Public School District is known for providing.

 “In the beginning, we were afraid that our daughter would not learn the language while attending an online school,” Lozano said. “Some people told us that if she wanted to learn a language she needed to learn in person, but Tonka Online is giving her all the support she needs to succeed.”

Luna started 8th grade in Tonka Online this fall. In just three months, her English skills and confidence have blossomed.

"When we talk to her, she uses concepts learned in class, her vocabulary has expanded, she feels more confident and, most importantly, she is happy to connect the next day online with her teachers. In her previous school, she did not have the opportunity to participate in class, the size of the classes were huge and she was sitting in the back of the classroom having other students help her with the language.”

Luna’s parents are proud of how far she has come in the program and plan to continue with Tonka Online through graduation.

“I highly recommend Tonka Online. The teachers are amazing, and they make the class super interesting and dynamic. My daughter is receiving the best education, the best teachers, the best support and all this from our home!”

To learn more about Tonka Online or to begin the enrollment process for the 2023-24 school year, visit https://www.minnetonkaschools.org/academics/specialty-programs/tonka-online.

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Luna used Tonka Online to excel.

After moving to Minnesota in December 2021 from Colombia, Luna Lozano’s parents were unsure if they would find a school district that could offer their family the help Luna needed to excel. Her parents were thrilled to discover Minnetonka's e-learning program, Tonka Online, because of its unique support for English Language learning students in an online learning format.

Astrid Liden Headshot

Congratulations to Astrid Liden, MHS Class of 2019, who was selected as a Rhodes Scholar. The Rhodes Scholarship Program is an opportunity that provides 32 United States students each year with funding to pursue graduate studies at the University of Oxford.

S.A.I.L. Students Gain Business Experience Through Dog Treat Project

Students gained valuable, unique skills managing multiple aspects of the business. “The biggest highlight has been the ownership the students have over the business,” shared Erin Valenta, Transition Education Coordinator for Minnetonka Schools. “As it is a real-life product and sale, it has a different meaning to them versus a classroom simulation.”

MMW Students Raise $34k through Acts of Kindness Campaign

Students at Minnetonka Middle School West worked together to raise money for their school – but this wasn’t a typical “sell as much as you can” type of fundraiser. The campaign was called “Anchored in Kindness,” and students earned money toward their cause by collecting one-time pledges to “pay forward” the acts of service or connection they participated in during the event.

Celebrating School Psychologists 2022

School psychologists play an integral role in helping students succeed academically, socially, behaviorally and emotionally by working to create safe, healthy and supportive learning environments. They play a critical role in supporting student wellbeing and creating learning environments where every student can pursue their highest levels of academic and personal achievement.

High School and Elementary Students Connect to Explore “Spooky Science”

On October 29, the Minnetonka High School Science Department and International Baccalaureate (IB) Program hosted about 100 elementary school students to celebrate Halloween with a series of spooky-themed science activities. Students and families were able to explore a variety of interactive stations designed by IB students and staff.