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Minnetonka Foundation Gives $200,000 Grant Towards Coders and Makers Initiative
Minnetonka Foundation Gives $200,000 Grant Towards Coders and Makers Initiative

The Minnetonka Public Schools Foundation has given out a $200,000 grant to the District to create innovative experiences involving coding and making. Called "The Hub," these education stations will be present at each of the District's six elementary schools and its two middle schools.

"We are grateful for the Foundation's generous, ongoing support of our students," said Superintendent Dr. Dennis Peterson. "In Minnetonka Schools, coding begins in Kindergarten. Students aren't just learning how to use technology, they are learning how to create it. The Foundation's enduring commitment to funding unique and innovative projects and initiatives, such as makers and coders spaces, helps students to become agile, collaborative problem-solvers who will be highly employable and successful in the dynamic workplaces of the future."

Materials, training and events sponsored by the Foundation's grant support hands-on learning experiences around technology, computer science, design, making and engineering in Minnetonka K-8 classrooms. These HUB spaces will foster open-ended, student-driven learning experiences that encourage creativity, agility and collaboration to achieve a goal.

"Building off of Minnetonka's exceptional curricular framework," said Executive Director of the Foundation, Melissa Streit, "Our support for The Hub will allow for intensive, hands-on project-based learning. We see this as an outstanding fit with the District's goals, empowering students to become creators and inventors, solving real world problems."

Previous multi-year Endowment Fund projects from the Foundation supported The Writing Center at Minnetonka High School and global learning throughout the District.

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