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MHS Students Recognized for Character, Leadership and More
MHS Students Recognized for Character, Leadership and More

On Tuesday, November 5 and Monday, November 11, Minnetonka High School students were recognized by their teachers for characteristics that do not appear on a high school report card: character, leadership, participation, work ethic, kindness and/or humor.

Recognitions are held three times each year in November, February and April so that each academic department has time to honor outstanding students. This time, staff representing art, English, math, science, social studies, VANTAGE and the world language departments, along with volunteer service, were asked to nominate and select students.

"This recognition program has been in place for more than 25 years," said Principal Jeff Erickson. "It's just one way we highlight success within our student body. Teachers love the opportunity to lift up students who demonstrate our core values. Some are natural leaders and others have made great strides to reach personal goals. This type of recognition supports our dedication to personalized learning and growth here at the high school."

At this year's event, teachers spoke about each of these amazing individuals and how they have impacted their classroom and school. Principal Erickson then presented students with a special Minnetonka pin and certificate of recognition.

Mya Sato, who was recognized by art teacher Ms. Mozingo, said, "It really meant a lot to me because it felt like I was being recognized for more than numbers...it made me feel like I wasn't as one-dimensional as a transcript would portray me to be."

Mya specifically mentioned that art history is special to her because it brings in different perspectives, as well as illustrating themes that reflect problems such as racism and ethics that we still deal with today.

"Visual art helps me relate to my own experiences as a person of color, and is a reminder that we are forging our own path through the course of human events. Art literally takes up space, and reminds us that we are not alone, whether through positive messages or viewer solidarity."

The following students were recognized by teachers for their amazing work:


  • Brayden Honey
  • Mya Sato


  • Greg Bittle
  • Isabella Watts
  • Ben Aeshliman
  • Maddox Rickenbach
  • Makena Cockburn
  • Angelina Rabushka
  • Sonakshi Chauhan
  • Delaney Skehan


  • Ryan Benson
  • Emily Nicoletta
  • Chase Banken
  • Joe Sorenson


  • Ben Aeshliman
  • Zhou Benson
  • Charlie Johnson
  • Belle Kusske
  • Griffin Dobbins
  • Aidan Gonzalez
  • Charlie Arabanos
  • Arielle Frid
  • Caroline Marshall
  • Eric Moldenhauer
  • Elena Waters

Social Studies

  • Grace Anderla
  • Andrew Carroll
  • Emma Hawes
  • Cari Jo Henderson
  • Sophie Chez
  • Isabella Hueffmeier


  • Grace Arndt
  • Nettie Fellabaum

World Language

  • Lisa LaRoche
  • Maya Weber
  • Meghan Collins
  • Kiana Brown
  • Arhan Chandra
  • Alex Colmenares

Volunteer Service

  • Macie Anundson
  • Emil Liden

Congratulations to our outstanding students, you have truly represented Minnetonka well!

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