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MHS Counselor Named MSCA Counselor of the Year
MHS Counselor Named MSCA Counselor of the Year

Every year, the Minnesota School Counselors Association (MSCA) awards one member with the Secondary School Counselor of the Year. This year, Minnetonka's own Mary Beth Wiig was given this honor. Mary Beth was chosen because of her outstanding level of professionalism and her high quality of assistance to students.

"I was humbled to receive the award," said Mary Beth, "I appreciate it even more because I was nominated by my colleagues and Principal Erickson." Mary Beth has been part of the MHS family for nearly 30 years, and her service to the high school and Minnetonka community has been impactful for students, staff, and families alike. "The award helps to validate how much I love working with students as a counselor and how I value my job at Minnetonka High School," said Mary Beth, "I have learned so much from the students and staff at Minnetonka during the past 32 years and I feel that they have helped me to be a better counselor."

Mary Beth's colleagues know how much effort she puts into her work and values her presence at Minnetonka High School. "Mary Beth helps promote student success through helping students find their passion and challenge themselves in the wide variety of courses and programs at MHS," said Minnetonka High School Principal Jeffrey Erickson. "She encourages her students, supports her students, and is well respected by all within the school and our families," said Mr. Erickson.

Over the past 32 years, Mary Beth has enjoyed the opportunity to work with students at MHS. "The students have allowed me to share their joys and pains and they helped me to better understand the world of adolescence and family dynamics," said Mary Beth. "I also feel that working with high school students has kept me energized and relevant to what is going on in the world today." Mary Beth Wiig also knows that the career path she chose was the one that was right for her. "I believe that I chose a profession that fits my personality and strengths," said Mary Beth, "and I hope that I have been a help to students, families and staff over my 32 years at MHS."

Mary Beth's hard work is reflected in her desire to connect with students one-on-one and her hard work in ensuring students that their experience at Minnetonka High School is one that they are sure to remember. "She knows her students well and serves them with care, compassion, and support," said Mr. Erickson. "Mary Beth is a leader and I am grateful to have her be part of our school."

Congratulations to Mary Beth Wiig for this outstanding accomplishment and thank you for all your hard work and dedication over the past 32 to the Minnetonka Public Schools District!

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