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Clear Springs Students Win Awards in Stock Market Game
Clear Springs Students Win Awards in Stock Market Game

Students from Clear Springs Elementary School took 3rd place in the Elementary Division of the special Minnesota Stock Market Game™ (SMG) Allianz Challenge Session. The team was taught by Joan Larson and included students Will McKinney and Henry Stilley.

The SMG is an interactive learning program for students in grades 4-12 and is managed in Minnesota by BestPrep, a local non-profit. Students work in teams to invest a virtual $100,000 over a 14-week period, competing with other Minnesota students for the highest-valued portfolio.

This Spring, 28 classes participated in the Allianz Challenge session, and each classroom had an Allianz Life employee volunteer to serve as an advisor. As part of their volunteer role, employees visited their classes to present on the fundamentals of investing in the stock market and provide email support throughout the session.
"The Stock Market Game is unique because students are actually engaging in the stock market in real time. Students see the consequences of the financial choices they make, which allows them to understand the various factors that impact the market, encouraging ongoing research and long-term planning," said Stephanie Musgrove, Program Manager at BestPrep.

Each SMG team has access to online daily portfolio updates on their current holdings, brokerage fees, and team rankings. Students evaluate their portfolio on a regular basis, and throughout the session, they determine when to make new investments, hold onto existing investments, or sell their shares. Students also develop important real-world skills, like money management, economics, and critical thinking. The program runs each school year with yearlong, fall, spring, and late spring sessions, including the special session funded by Allianz Life.
One SMG teacher from the Allianz Challenge session commented, "I love the lifelong skill of the power of investing that the Stock Market Game teaches students, and students enjoy getting competitive with one another. I also appreciate having the volunteers come from Allianz and share their financial wisdom with students. My students continue to learn about economics and develop math and reading skills."

The Allianz Challenge Session of SMG concluded with an awards ceremony on Friday, May 10, at Allianz Life in Golden Valley, where these Clear Springs Elementary School students and other top-ranking teams were recognized.
The awards ceremony included a welcome from Allianz Life President and CEO, Walter White. White shared details about the company's history and mission, including the company's commitment to community engagement. White also shared personal investing stories with the audience, encouraging students to continue their learning outside of the SMG experience, emphasizing the importance of long-term financial goals.

Congratulations again to our outstanding Clear Springs Elementary students!

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