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Chickens Find a Home at Excelsior Elementary
Chickens Find a Home at Excelsior Elementary

You would expect to find students and teachers in a school, but a chicken? Principal Stacy DeCorsey has brought a few of her feathered friends with her to Excelsior Elementary.

"I am an animal lover and have a small hobby farm," she explained.

Principal DeCorsey set up a home for her chickens by converting some old furniture in her office, and even has a spot for visiting animals. Students can visit the chickens and Principal Decorsey sees this as a great way for them to learn about animal care and feel more comfortable at school.

"Over the past 25 years I have been able to make wonderful connections with students using my animals. Kids love to learn about animals and feel calm when in the presence of a dog, duck or a chicken," said Decorsey.

The idea of housing farm animals at school began a few years ago when Principal Decorsey started "Farm Friends Friday" at Excelsior. Each week, students visit farm animals in her office and learned about caring for them in the classroom. But more than chickens have a habit of showing up, just this last spring Decorsey had two Giant Pekin Ducks hatch in her office. "It was pretty neat," she said.

Principal Decorsey hopes to see a few more feathered friends in her office later this spring, as baby chickens are expected to hatch.

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