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Baile Latinoamericano
Baile Latinoamericano

Students from the Minnetonka High School Spanish Club took part in Baile Latinoamericano, a Latin American dance, in February. They learned the steps for the salsa, bachata, merengue, and cha cha, all while having a great time immersing themselves in another culture.

The dance was held on February 22 and hosted by the Minnetonka High School Spanish Club. Students from each grade had the opportunity to learn from a professional dance instructor from the Costa Rica Ballroom in Hopkins.

"The Latin American Dance was a such a fun, cultural learning experience for everyone involved," said James Fitzpatrick, Spanish teacher and Spanish Club advisor. "It was great for students to receive a hands-on learning experience with dancing."

The students who participated in this enjoyed learning about Latino culture through a fun activity. "It was a great opportunity to embrace the culture around me," said Minnetonka High School senior Astrid Liden.

Students are already looking forward to learning more about dance and culture at the next Baile Latinoamericano.

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