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9th Grade Retreat
9th Grade Retreat

On October 10, Minnetonka High School students participated in a high energy interactive retreat hosted by Youth Frontiers and the exceptional Minnetonka High School First Mates.

Activities included students creating an artistic representation of respect from their shoes, having a dancing contest, engaging in small group discussions, hearing thoughtful and inspiring stories from the program leaders. In the closing activity, students committed to respecting themselves, respecting others, and standing up for respect.

Freshemen Retreat guest speaker

"As I visited the five retreat sites, I was struck by the quality of conversation, reflection, and engagement from our students," said Principal Jeff Erickson. "Respect is at the foundation of everything we do and say at MHS. Days like today allow students to reflect on how their actions will make MHS an even stronger school."

Students at MHS Freshmen Retreat

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Minnetonka Theatre Presents the Scarlet Pimpernel

Minnetonka Theatre is heading into the fire this spring with their production of The Scarlet Pimpernel. A swashbuckling action/adventure musical, set in England and France during the French Revolution, will sweep you off your feet.

Deephaven Elementary Raises $37,000 at Read-A-Thon

For its second year now, the Read-A-Thon event has been Deephaven Elementary's biggest fundraiser. Over the course of just 24 days, students at Deephaven read 346,918 minutes and raised just over $37,000. Congratulations to all students and staff who participated in this year's Read-A-Thon fundraiser!

Building Super Hero Kids

Minnetonka Public Schools is taking a stand to protect children. Beginning last spring and continuing throughout the 2018-19 school year, the district has embraced a new program that empowers kids as early as Kindergarten with information to help keep them safer.