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Celebrating Minnetonka Teachers

Minnetonka Schools is celebrating National Teacher Appreciation Week from May 3-7 and taking the opportunity to recognize the outstanding educators who make the District shine. From the earliest learners in Minnetonka Preschool to Minnetonka High School seniors preparing to graduate, Minnetonka teachers inspire excellence and provide consistent support to help each student excel. 

This school year has been unlike any other, and Minnetonka teachers have shown up through it all—day in and day out, in Google Meets, hallways and classrooms—with kindness, creativity, flexibility and humor. They’ve made extraordinary efforts to ensure each student is cared for and challenged to reach their full potential.

Last month, the District asked families and students to share stories of the many ways teachers have made a difference in their lives this year. Here are a few of the moments they shared. 

  • “Going the extra mile is not an exception for our teachers. It is the rule! Every day you go out of your way to make sure our children are cared for and achieving their learning objectives. Thank you, teachers, for the wonderful work you do!”
  • “Our teachers have been our rock and anchor to a ‘normal’ life during this pandemic. They’ve adapted quickly to every teaching environment, while still holding the classroom community together. Through all the ups and downs of 2020, one thing kept certain was that our children would receive a top-level education, no matter what. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for keeping our kids engaged and learning!”
  • “I like it that my teachers always help me solve problems by giving me different strategies and tips to try so I can figure it out by myself.” 
  • “One teacher has been a tremendously positive influencer for my 4th grader. My daughter was struggling socially. The teacher supported her in making new friendships and having confidence in using her voice. She has been thriving—we are grateful for her teacher’s support and caring nature!” 
  • “Our teachers have gone above and beyond on behalf of my Kindergartener. They’ve made many accommodations, shared many ideas and strategies and have provided the customized, strategic framework needed to help my child thrive. So grateful for these amazing people and their wholehearted dedication to their students' success.” 
  • “We had a special Groveland teacher safely drop off some vegetable seedlings last spring. We were able to watch and learn as our seedlings grew bigger, with water and patience, which gave off quite a bit of vegetables all summer and into the early fall. This teacher's act of love, kindness, and giving was celebrated for quite a few months by both of my children. They learned patience and responsibility, all while learning how to care for something new and enjoying the outcome by trying, tasting and gifting new food they grew themselves. This simple act went a long way for us, and it brought my family many smiles.”

Teachers, your impact is immeasurable. On behalf of the Minnetonka Schools community, thank you for all you do, for who you are, and for every single day of excellence. 

Are you looking for ways to celebrate Minnetonka teachers this week? Send an email or write a card and let them know how much they mean to you. There is also still time to share a photo of your child with an encouragement sign for Minnetonka teachers, which could be featured on the Minnetonka Schools Facebook page! Design your own note or print and decorate a downloadable Teacher Appreciation Week coloring sheet here. Then, email your image to communications@minnetonkaschools.org for the chance to be featured in the Minnetonka Schools Teacher Appreciation Week photo gallery. 

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Celebrating Minnetonka Teachers

Minnetonka Schools is celebrating National Teacher Appreciation Week from May 3-7 and taking the opportunity to recognize the outstanding educators who make the District shine.

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