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VANTAGE Students Use Human-centered Design to Build Skills
VANTAGE Students Use Human-centered Design to Build Skills

This year at the annual VANTAGE retreat, Minnetonka High School students participated in a day of community building activities, such as curling at the Chaska Curling Center, and practiced building innovative mindsets through a human-centered design challenge. An emphasis was placed on fostering leadership skills, getting to know one another and pushing the boundaries of creativity.

"It's inspiring to watch students transform into designers, grow their leadership skills and learn the power of truly listening to another person in order to solve a real need," said Nicole Sneddon, Innovation Coordinator for Minnetonka Public Schools.

Human-centered design is an innovative process that involves building deep empathy for the end-user, generating ideas, building prototypes, sharing what is created and eventually putting the solution out in the world.

"It is essential to introduce Human-centered design at the beginning of the year," said Roger Andre, Director of VANTAGE. "All of our strands are about to launch their semester 1 business projects, and this gives each student an opportunity to learn the importance of approaching a project from the client's perspective, as well as to understand how to empathize with stakeholders."

VANTAGE excels in giving unique experiences to students, providing them with hands-on experience working with teams, learning a new skills and collaborating for positive outcomes. Keep up to date on everything happening with VANTAGE by signing up to receive the VANTAGE e-newsletter.

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