Well-being Supports

Minnetonka School District

Well-being Supports for Employees

We are surely living in unprecedented times. Stressors have multiplied like never before and Minnetonka School District employees undoubtedly now have extra pressures from home, work and the larger society bearing down on them. Sometimes, having a shoulder to lean on can help navigate all these difficulties! Please know that the District offers some key resources during your times of need:

  • Employee Assistance Plan - All employees, whether full- or part-time can take advantage of counseling and other services through our provider, VITAL WorkLife. VITAL services include three, no-cost counseling sessions and its staff will refer District employees to other practitioners covered by their health insurance. 
  •  Health Insurance Program - Employees who take the District’s health insurance coverage options may seek out counseling and other assistance through HealthPartners. HealthPartners has a dedicated team to assist people who are working through complex behavioral health questions. Its Behavioral Health Navigators can be reached at 1-(888)-638-8787.
    • The cost for visits with insurance-covered counselors varies, depending on the health package you selected. Co-insurance and/or per-visit co-pays may apply. There is no limit on the number of visits you may need.
    • If you are not a Minnetonka Schools Health Insurance participant, but are covered elsewhere, you will likely have similar benefits under your plan. Please consult your plan administrator to learn more. 
  • Well-being Resources - There is an extensive resource list for District families on the Student Support Services webpages, and staff may benefit from this information, as well.  
  • Beyond the Basics - Life Lessons With a Teacher and Professional Coach - Check out these videos for some quick tips on navigating stressful times. Kathy Larson is a teacher in our district, who has undergraduate and graduate degrees in psychology and elementary education. She is a National Board certified teacher, as well as a certified professional, youth, parent, and family coach and is here to help!