Teacher Licensure

Minnetonka Public Schools only employs teachers who are appropriately licensed through the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE). It is a teacher's responsibility to obtain and maintain appropriate licensure.

We have a relicensure committee that provides support to our current teachers and also to community members within the District who need to renew their teaching license with MDE.

The committee is responsible for evaluating continuing education activities, granting appropriate clock hours for these activities, and recommending renewal of five-year continuing or professional teaching and support service licenses.

For more information regarding teacher licensing/relicensure, please contact the Relicensure Chair, Trudy Schnorr, at 952-401-5600 or via e-mail at trudy.schnorr@minnetonkaschools.org.

My Relicensure Checklist

If you are interested in obtaining a Minnesota teaching license, please review the requirements and process established by the Minnesota Department of Education.