Home Schooling

In accordance with state law, we are required to ensure that all school-age children living within the boundaries of the Minnetonka Public School District are being educated. Our primary role is to be certain that all home schools comply with state law and to provide the necessary information and forms to each home school for compliance.

For specific home school questions and to check out requirements, visit the Minnesota Department of Education website.

The Minnesota Department of Education does not have jurisdiction to investigate concerns of educational neglect of any student. As with other types of abuse or neglect, mandatory reporters must and others may contact county social services where the student resides to report.

To request a packet to be mailed or for additional information please submit a request via Let's Talk.

Child Find

Minnetonka Public Schools is committed to locating any child residing within the school district boundaries that has a disability and may be in need of special education services. If you are concerned about your child's educational achievement, language, articulation or social/emotional development and you suspect that your child may have a disability, please contact the Special Services Department at 952-401-5013.

Special Education Services

A home school child with a current Individual Education Program (IEP) plan can receive special education services through shared-time enrollment. Contact the special education services for a homeschooled student.

Special Education Memorandum for Home School Families

Please visit the special education Special Education Webpage for more information and resources.

For additional questions, you may call the Minnesota Department of Education at 651-582-8200 or visit the state School and Enrollment Choice webpage.