Capital Projects Levy

The Minnetonka School Board is asking residents to consider renewing the District’s Capital Projects Levy (also called a “Tech Levy”).

Approval of this ballot question would renew critical funding for the District’s technology and security infrastructure, as well as support for the staff members in these areas, empowering Minnetonka Schools to continue excellence in the way we live, lead and learn.

The School Board voted unanimously to put this on the ballot after studying the issue extensively.

Capital Projects Levy Press Release

Continued Excellence in Technology and Safety

At no increased cost to taxpayers, renewing the tech levy would support the District in upholding its high standards in technology, learning and overall safety.

  • Advancing Technology for Enhanced Learning: The tech levy would allow the District to keep its technology infrastructure on the cutting edge. This means ensuring students have access to critical instructional technology and that teachers have the tech tools they need to provide exceptional learning experiences. With these advancements, Minnetonka Schools will continue to excel in how students learn.
  • Support for Dedicated Staff: The renewal of the tech levy would provide funding to maintain integral staff members who play a crucial role in supporting technology and teacher training. By investing in technology staff, the District has the necessary resources to lead students to success. It's a key aspect of how the District leads and nurtures growth within the school community.
  • Safeguarding the Learning Environment: The tech levy would maintain funding for top-tier protection and safety, encompassing data and device security, building security measures and monitoring systems. By securing Minnetonka's school environment with firewalls, anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-hacking measures, the District can continue to provide a safe and secure place for learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ballot Question

Here is how the ballot question will appear:

School District Question 1
Revoking Existing Capital Projects Levy
Authorization; Approving New Authorization

The Board of Independent School District No. 276 (Minnetonka) has proposed to revoke its existing capital projects levy authorization of 6.569% times the net tax capacity of the school district and to replace that authorization with a new authorization of 6.569% times the net capacity of the school district.

The proposed new authorization will raise approximately $9,240,000 for taxes payable in 2024, the first year it is to be levied, and would be applicable for ten years. The estimated total cost of the projects to be funded over that time period is approximately $92,400,000.

The money raised by the proposed authorization will be used to provide funds for the following: The purchase and installation of software and technology equipment; costs related to the support and maintenance of technology; costs related to training staff in the use of technology; the purchase of classroom equipment and instructional texts; and building security equipment. The projects to be funded have received a positive review and comment from the Commissioner of Education.

Shall the school district's existing capital projects levy authorization be revoked and the new capital project levy proposed by the board of Independent School District No. 276 be approved?

  • YES
  • NO

By voting "yes" on this ballot question, you are voting for a property tax increase.*

*The wording noted above is required by Minnesota Statutes. It refers to the extension of time for this levy. The tax rate would not increase if the ballot question passes.

Capital Projects "Tech Levy" History

Voters have supported technology through referendums since 1992. Residents passed the current capital projects levy in 2007. It was previously renewed in 2015.

Tax Impact

The levy provides a major source of funding for technology and security. By revoking and replacing the current levy, taxpayers will continue to pay the same percentage as in years past.

Fiscal Stewardship

Minnetonka Public Schools believes responsible and prudent fiscal stewardship is the best way to serve the community. Aggressive financial management on the part of the Board and Administration has saved taxpayers money and ensured that more than 92% of the District's annual operating budget is directed to school-level education services to maximize support for students and instruction.

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