Support for Students

Minnetonka Schools is committed to providing a school environment where all students feel safe, welcome, supported and accepted. This means each student feels heard, respected, included, valued and connected to the Minnetonka Schools community- a feeling they belong.

Additionally, the District will improve and enhance services to support underrepresented students. Conversations with students, parents and the community will be part of this work, and specific action steps will be targeted at addressing the areas identified for additional support.

Academic Opportunity and Access

Minnetonka Schools will improve systems and structures of communication, access and enrollment in its most rigorous courses for underrepresented students. A comprehensive review will be conducted of current placement procedures and enrollment in these courses.

Guest Speakers and Events

Minnetonka Schools will provide students and their family with the opportunity to participate in events based around the topics related to diversity, equity and inclusion. These will be age-appropriate, connected to curriculum and feature open discussions.