Curriculum and Policy Review

Minnetonka Schools is committed to evaluate its curriculum and policies on a regular basis to ensure that the District embraces diversity, equity and inclusion and will work to correct any instances of discrimination that are found.

Curriculum Review

Academic program reviews are a multi-year process. Each year, identified curricular areas undergo a program review that includes data analysis, delivery, best practices and related literature review. The result of this process is an academic program the district believes meets the high standards and scholastic rigor Minnetonka students deserve. The District will review the curriculum review policy to ensure diverse perspectives are incorporated throughout course content and materials.

Policy and Practices Review

Minnetonka Schools will review and update district policies and practices to ensure they align with the district's commitment to excellence and belonging. Clear behavior and conduct expectations will be established and communicated to all students and staff. Additionally, systems for reporting infractions will be consistently implemented and enforced. These expectations will hold everyone in the schools accountable for unacceptable behaviors.

Policy Review Listening Sessions

The School Board held listening sessions on Nov. 2 and Nov. 9, 2020, to hear community input regarding district policies that were reviewed as part of the School Board action plan for School Board Goal #2: Excellence and Belonging - Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. 

The reviewed policies included:

Community members shared their remarks, including proposed and suggested language changes. Community members who could not attend the event were encouraged to contact the Board regarding these items via email.