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Happy new year! Stop back soon for important dates for the 2019 season.

What a year it's been for head coach Paul Twenge! Paul has been chosen as one of eight finalists for the 2019 National High School Athletic Coaches Association (NHSACA) National Coach of the Year Award. The winner will be announced on June 26th at the National Coach of the Year Awards Banquet in Bismark, ND. The banquet takes place during the NHSACA National Convention June 22-27. Congrats, Coach Twenge and good luck!

Coach Twenge and Coach Fasnacht both received COY awards from the NHBCA at their annual convention in late November of 2018. Over 8,000 coaches attended this event. Congratulations, coaches!

Above: Coach Twenge (third from right) receives his COY award.

Coach Fasnacht (above) at the awards banquet after receiving his Assistant Coach of the Year award.

2018 Season Summary

We played our hearts out and ended with a 2nd Place trophy following the MSHSL State AAAA Baseball Championship game on Monday, June 18th vs. Stillwater at Target Field in Minneapolis. It was exciting to play on the home field of the Minnesota Twins and warm up with Boston! We are mostly proud of our good team play throughout the season.

Join us in congratulating the following players who were selected for postseason awards:

  • 2018 MSHSBCA Class AAAA All-State Team: Mason Nadolney (Sr), Cameron Smrekar (Sr)
  • 2018 MSHSBCA Metro West All-Stars: Mason Nadolney (Sr), Aaron Wukmir (Sr), Cameron Smrekar (Sr)
  • Star Tribune All-Metro Baseball Second Team: Mason Nadolney (Sr)
  • 2018 MSHSL State Baseball All-Tournament Team: Mason Nadolney (Sr), Andy Andresen (Sr), Nick Thimsen (Jr)
  • 2018 MSHSL Section 2AAAA All-Tournament Team: Mason Nadolney (Sr), Jarod Wandersee (Sr), Aaron Wukmir (Sr), Jack Hanson (Sr), Evan Maass (Jr), Jake Zaetta (Jr)

We have also recognized several players for our own end-of-the-season awards which we have indicated in the chart below.

Varsity Records

2018 Regular Season Record: 16-4
State Championships:
State Tournament Appearances: 2013 (3rd)
Section Championships: 2013
Conference Championships: None

Skipper Awards

Varsity Awards:

Varsity MVP
2018: Mason Nadolney / Cameron Smrekar
2017: Jimmy Ramsey
2016: Fox Leum
2015: Ian Cote
2014: Ryan Helgeson, Luke Pettersen, Brendan Dye
2013: Derek Branson
2012: Andrew Shotwell
2011: Andrew Weber / Alex Twenge
2010: Mark Ulrich
2009: Elliot Powell
2008: Paul Giell III / Tim Mettert
2007: AJ Pettersen
Captain's Award

2018: Mason Nadolney, Nick Lommen, Jarod Wandersee
2017: Jimmy Ramsey, Gus Steiger, Sam Thoresen

Most Improved Player
2018: Nick Thimsen
2017: Aaron Brush
2016: Gus Steiger
2015: Jack Kuzma
2014: Aaron Kubal
2013: Zach Amundson
2012: Wynn Bigham /
Sam Warner
2011: Nick Sveen
2010: Matt Moes
2009: Josh Mensch
2008: Alex Satterfield
2007: Matt Boys
Rookie of the Year
2018: Ben Stolar
2017: Joel Thimsen
2016: Sam Thoresen
2015: Jimmy Ramsey
2014: Brendan Dye
2013: Luke Pettersen
2012: n/a
2011: Thomas Schutt
2010: Bryce Tuna
2009: Andrew Prochno
2008: Matt Norring
2007: Mike Stein
"Mr. Hustle" Award
2018: Nick Thimsen
2017: Matt Haas
2016: Mason Nadolney
2015: Tommy Meyer
2014: Luke Pettersen, Aaron Kuba
2013: Brendan Dye
2012: Matt Mattiacci
2011: Blake Nelson
2010: Steven Kordonowy
2009: Stephen Carlson
2008: Andrew Kubal
2007: Tim Mettert
"Unsung Hero" Award
2018: Sean Arnal
2017: Jack Queenan
2016: Hannah Heitkamp (Mgr.)
2015: Marshall Heitkamp
Gold Glove Award
2018: Ben Stolar .992
2017: TJ Rogers 1.000
2016: Ben Livorsi .979
2015: Ian Cote .985 & Josh Falk .992
2014: Ian Cote 1.000
2013: Griffin Powell .992
2012: Griffin Powell .993, Alex LaPorte .967, Eric Fasnacht .960
2011: David Dolan .971
2010: Nick Burger .985
2009: Elliot Powell .991
2008: Paul Giel III 1.000
2007: Paul Giel III 1.000
ERA Award
2018: Aaron Wukmir 1.73
2017: Sam Thoresen
2016: Sam Thoresen 1.13
2015: Jacob Raether 2.47
2014: Ryan Helgeson 0.95
2013: Max Fahlsing 1.80
2012: Matt Mattiacci 0.97
2011: Alex Twenge 2.14
2010: Mark Ulrich 1.95
2009: Anders Dzurak 1.98
2008: Tim Mettert 2.98
2007: Matt Bozoian 2.78
Slugging % Award
2018: Cameron Smrekar .750
2017: Jimmy Ramsey 1.000
2016: Fox Leum .915
2015: Jimmy Ramsey .750
2014: Josh Falk .743
2013: Bjorn Hanson .667
2012: Andrew Shotwell .449
2011: Andrew Weber .528
2010: Matt Moes .534
2009: Mitch Oakes .697
2008: Paul Giel III .628/Tim Mettert .625
2007: Matt Boys .730
Batting Champion
2018: Cameron Smrekar .484
2017: Jimmy Ramsey .552
2016: Fox Leum .383
2015: Jimmy Ramsey .467
2014: Ian Cote .442
2013: Luke Pettersen .358
2012: Andrew Shotwell .394
2011: Andrew Weber .375
2010: Mark Ulrich .397
2009: Mitch Oakes .393
2008: Alex Satterfield .400
2007: AJ Pettersen .500

Tommy Gross, Soph A: Sam Karrick, 9A: Jacob Durenberger, 9B: Linden Hill

All-Conference Selections

2018: Mason Nadolney, Cameron Smrekar, Aaron Wukmir; Honorable Mention: Jarod Wandersee, Jake Zaetta, Nick Thimsen
2017: Aaron Brush, Jimmy Ramsey, Gus Steiger, Joel Thimsen, Sam Thoresen; Honorable Mention: Ben Livorsi, TJ Rogers, Nate Shoemaker
2016: Fox Leum, Jack Kuzma, Sam Thoresen, Jimmy Ramsey, Ben Livorsi, Gus Steiger
2015: Ian Cote, Josh Falk, Fox Leum, Jimmy Ramsey, Jacob Stolar, Jacob Raether, Jack Kuzma
2014: Luke Pettersen, Ryan Helgeson, Brendan Dye; Honorable Mention: Brendan Broviak, Josh Falk, Ian Cote
2013: Derek Branson, Max Langheinrich, Joe Martinson, Bjorn Hansen
2012: Matt Mattiacci, Andrew Shotwell, Austin Theis; Honorable Mention: Eric Fasnacht, Alex LaPorte, Sam Warner
2011: Andrew Weber, Alex Twenge, Blake Nelson, Thomas Schutt, David Dolan
2010: Andrew Prochno, Cole Stefan, Mark Ulrich, Nick Burger, Matt Moes
2009: Taylor Nelson, Mitch Oakes, Andrew Prochno, Josh Mensch, Elliot Powell
2008: Kyle Dahl, Paul Giel III, Tim Mettert, Alex Satterfield, Taylor Nelson, Matt Norring
2007: Matt Boys, Eric Carlson, AJ Pettersen
2006: Dan Gastuch, AJ Pettersen 2005: Travis Adams, Ryan Leer
2004: Alex Kubal, Eric Utoft, Jake Williams
2003: Sean Kommerstad, Jeff Engel, Marcus McKenzie, Zach Peterson
2002: Sean Kommerstad, Louie Lang, Marcus McKenzie, Zach Peterson
2001: Randy Chase, Pat Farrell, Zach Ludvigson, Marcus McKenzie
2000: Josh Brittigen, Ben Fritz, Adam Geotke, Kevin Wiessner
1998: Ryan Klockstein
1997: Chris Adams, Jason Kennedy, Ryan Klockstein, Rob LaRue, Dan Scholtec
1996: Steve Aaronson, Jay Beuchene, Ryan Dalum, Jason Kennedy, Rob LaRue, Dan Scholtec
1995: Chris Berbee, Jon Kennedy, David McKenzie, Brian Urick, Jake Whitney
1994: Matt Johnson, Jim Meyer
1993: Tom Brownfield, Troy Koenig, Jay McKinnis, Mike Simonson, Joe Simpson
1992: Tom Brownfield, Tony Kurtz, Jay McKinnis, Eric Plaistad, Greg Taucher
1991: Jim Brower, Brad Kerin, Mike Mahady, Hoby Mork, Chris Stabler
1989: Marc Agar, Mike Berset, Marc Bouchard, Pete Mott
1987: Tim Hanus
1986: Dale Roehl
1984: Steve Holstein, Tom Morin, Tim Stevens
1982: Paul Ocenasek
1979: Frank Kuzma, Bill Piwnica, Ross Savill, Ken Smith
1978: Mike Fisher
1977: Bob Kartak
1975: Tom Saville
1974: Gary Rengers
1973: Wayne Hanus
1972: Paul Simons
1971: Todd Katopodis
1970: Dennis Allar, Tom Goodman, Rick Sweere, Tom Wolfe
1969: Dennis Allar, Joe Comer, Eric Norman, Eric Rowe
1968: Joe Comer
1966: Steve Gustafson
1965: Bob Carruth, Jim Phelps
1959: Jerry Alstead
1956: Rob Poeschel, Ron Quast

Post Season Awards

Postseason Awards:

All-State Team
2017: Sam Thoresen, Gus Steiger, Jimmy Ramsey
2014: Luke Pettersen
2013: Joe Martinson
2011: Andrew Weber
2010: Mark Ulrich
2003: Zach Peterson, Marcus McKenzie
2002: Marcus McKenzie
1998: Ryan Klockstein
MN All-Academic Team
2017: TJ Rogers, Burt Hedstrom, Nate Shoemaker
2014: Brendan Broviak, Ryan Helgeson
2013: Bjorn Hanson

Minnesota "Gold Award" Awarded to Team with cum. GPA of 3.3 or >
• 2017

2AAAA All Tournament Team
2017: Jimmy Ramsey, Sam Thoresen, Gus Steiger

AAA All-Tournament Team
2013: Jared Ridge, Luke Pettersen

2AAAA All-Section Team

2016: Jack Kuzma, Jake Raether, Fox Leum
2015: Fox Leum, Ian Cote
2014: Brendan Dye, Josh Falk,
Ryan Helgeson, Luke Pettersen
2013: Joe Martinson, Bjorn Hanson, Max Langheinrich, Max Fahlsing

MN Gatorade
Player of the Year

2003: Sean Kommerstad
1998: Ryan Klockstein
Metro Player of the Year
2002: Marcus McKenzie
1998: Ryan Klockstein
All-Metro Team
2017: Jimmy Ramsey
(1st team), Sam Thoresen (2nd team)
2014: Luke Pettersen
2012: Matt Mattiacci, Andrew Shotwell, Austin Theis
2011: Alex Twenge
2009: Mitch Oakes
2008: Paul Giel III (2nd Team)
2007: AJ Pettersen
2003: Marcus McKenzie, Zach Peterson
2002: Marcus McKenzie
1998: Ryan Klockstein
1997: Rob LaRue
1995: Brian Urick
1993: Mike Simonson
St. Paul Saints
Metro All-Stars

2008: Paul Giel III, Alex Satterfield
First Bank
All Tournament Team

2013: Jared Ridge, Luke Pettersen

2002: Marcus McKenzie
1995: Ike Poehle, Brian Urick
1993: Troy Koenig
1992: Hobey Mork

1971: Bruce Allar
1970: Dennis Allar, Todd Katopodis, Tom Wolfe
1969: Joe Comer, Eric Norman
Lake Conference
All Conference

2018: Mason Nadolney, Cameron Smrekar, Aaron Wukmir
2014: Luke Pettersen, Ryan Helgeson, Brendan Dye

2012: Eric Fasnacht, Alex LaPorte, Sam Warner

Lake Conference Honorable Mention
2018: Jarod Wandersee, Jake Zaetta, Nick Thimsen
2012: Eric Fasnacht, Alex LaPorte, Sam Warner

Player Records

Player Records

CategoryName (Season)Season RecordNameCareer Record
At BatsJeff Engel ('03)93Sean Kommerstad251
HitsRyan Klockstein ('98)43Jimmy Ramsey ('17)95
RunsSean Kommerstad ('02)33Sean Kommerstad68

Jimmy Ramsey ('17)


Jimmy Ramsey ('17)

TriplesSean Kommerstad ('02)5Sean Kommerstad5
Home RunsFox Leum ('16)8

Jimmy Ramsey ('17)

RBIsLouie Lang ('02)34Sean Kommerstad64
Batting AVGRyan Klockstein ('98).551Ryan Klockstein.551
Stolen BasesAlex Kubal ('05)20Alex Kubal35
Innings PitchedMarcus McKenzie ('02)65.0Marcus McKenzie152 1/3
StrikeoutsZach Peterson ('03)73Marcus McKenzie163
ERAMarcus McKenzie ('02)0.11Marcus McKenzie0.95
WinsMarcus McKenzie ('02)9Marcus McKenzie18
SavesNate Shoemaker ('16) / Neil Kos ('11)4Paul Giel III6

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Paul Twenge
Varsity Head Coach
Pitching Coach Chris Fasnacht
Assistant Coach Rob Hager

Junior Varsity Head Coach:
Andrew Woitas, Andrew.Woitas@mutualofomaha.com

Soph. Head Coach A: Josh Mensch, josh.mensch@gmail.com
Soph. Head Coach B: Ian Walkowski, walko7@comcast.net
Assistant: Tyler Eichorst

Fresh. Teams Coordinator: Peter Swenson, peterswenson3128@yahoo.com
Fresh. Head Coach A: Alex LaPorte, awlaporte@comcast.net
Fresh. Head Coach B: Martin Johnson, martin@gmartinjohnson.com
Assistants: Ben Alexander, Alex Twenge, Andrew Weber

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