Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Return to Participation Policy for fall 2020-21 athletics?

The MHS Athletics Return to Participation Policy contains important information for participants and spectators. Please familiarize yourself with our policy before participating in or attending a sporting event this fall.

Are spectators allowed at Skippers sporting events in fall of 2020? If so, do I have to wear a face covering?

All teams have new restrictions on spectatorship. Number of fans is limited and safe distancing of 6' or more and face coverings are required. Stadium sports (boys and girls soccer) will be provided a set number of vouchers per player to distribute to their family and/or friends. No tickets may be purchased without a valid voucher and restrictions apply. Please read the MHS Athletics Return to Participation Policy for information on spectatorship and Covid-19 safety requirements.

What Conference are we in?

Minnetonka was placed in the Lake Conference by the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) in July 2009 along with Hopkins, Edina and Wayzata. The four formerly Classic Lake teams joined the twelve teams in the Lake Conference. By October 1, 2010, eleven of the twelve teams in the Lake Conference left the Lake Conference for the Missota Conference or the newly formed South Suburban Conference, leaving Eden Prairie with the four new schools placed by the MSHSL.

The current 2010 Lake Conference includes: Eden Prairie, Edina, Hopkins, Minnetonka and Wayzata.

How do I find current schedules?

All current schedules can be found on the Lake Conference website, click on Minnetonka High School.


How do I find directions to away sites?

All current schedules can be found at click on Minnetonka High School. Then proceed to click on the blue away location link under DETAILS. (See sample picture below with the away location designated by the red arrow.)


How do I find out if my contest is rained out, cancelled, or a last minute change takes place?

Sign up for the ‘notify me’ feature on the Lake Conference website and follow the prompts. This feature will send an email to your account immediately after a contest is changed or cancelled, saving you a phone call and a trip. We highly recommend all parents sign up this service.


I have a conflict? How do I proceed?

Conflict Resolution Protocol

Conflict is almost inevitable when working with passionate, highly focused and dedicated people. While good communications and clear guidelines will help limit conflict, there must be clear protocols in place to deal with conflict when it arises.

The following steps should be followed when a concern is voiced. Our goal should be to resolve conflict at the lowest intervention level possible, but do not hesitate to follow the entire process if necessary. It is always wise to keep the Activities Director aware of any conflicts that are being handled in your program, no matter what level the intervention is at currently.

Steps in Resolution of Conflict

Parents and coaches are strongly encouraged to maintain open lines of communication. A procedure has been developed for the purposes of establishing and maintaining the lines of communication between the school, parents/guardians and students, for the resolution of concerns related to the activities program.

The below steps are designed as protocol to follow until resolution is reached. If an issue rises to steps 3 or above, it is to be guided back to step 1. A majority of issues are solved at the first step if allowed to occur.

  • Step 1 Coach/Student: The student and the coach/advisor will meet to discuss the issue. The goal of this meeting is to bring closure to the concern. This meeting should occur within five days of the incident.
  • Step 2 Coach/Student/Parent: The parent and student should schedule a meeting with the coach/advisor within five school days of incident or within five days of the initial meeting between the coach and student.
    • Meeting time must be convenient to both parties. The meeting agenda is limited to the initial issue.
    • Coaches/advisors may request administrative presence at the meeting, but the coach/advisor will run the session and provide a detailed summary for the Activities Director.
  • Step 3 Coach/Student/Parent/AD: If no closure is attained at the meeting, the coach/advisor must create a written summary of the meeting within 5 school days for review by the Activities Director. If the parent requests a meeting with the Activities Director, a step 3 form must be completed by the person with the conflict, and turned into the Activities Director.
    • The Activities Director will set up a meeting with the coach, parent, and student (at the discretion of Activities Director). After the meeting, the Activities Director will make a ruling on the issue and share the findings and solution strategy with the family, coach/advisor, and building principal.
  • Step 4 Parent/Principal:If the established ruling/strategy is still unacceptable to the family they may then meet with the building principal to discuss alternatives. The Activities Director, coach/advisor, and/or student will meet with the parent and principal at the principal’s discretion.



Other key points:

  • It is inappropriate to approach a coach with a concern at a game or practice.
  • Playing time and team selection is determined solely by the coaching staff, these discussions should be between the coach/advisor and the student. A parent may only be involved in these discussions if the student is present (should not exceed step two).
  • Calls should be directed to school contact numbers only.
  • Data privacy rules must be maintained; do not discuss other students.
  • Failure to follow the process may impact the final ruling on the issue.
  • If the parent refuses to involve the student in the process, the conflict resolution process is compromised
  • Respectful communication is expected between both parties; if at any time the meeting becomes confrontational, it will be rescheduled.

Does the amount of money I fundraise affect my membership on a team?

  • Fundraising is a necessary part of high school activities today. We are very grateful for the efforts of parents and booster clubs.
  • Be aware that membership on a team and/or playing time is not affected in any way by the amount of money raised by a participant.
  • Booster club dues and other fees should be refunded to students who are cut from the team.

What are Parent/Guardian, Athlete and Coach (PAC) Meetings? And who needs to attend?

PAC meetings are required for all students and parents. They are scheduled seasonally for all activities. This is a good forum to explain a variety of policies including lettering, evaluations and cuts, practices and general philosophy.

How do I apply for a scholarship or fee waiver?

Please contact the MHS Activities office at 952-401-5903 or in person between 7:30 am and 4:30 pm.

How do I register for an activity?

If you are a transfer student or a foreign exchange student you must make an appointment with the Activities Director, Ted Schultz please call or email or call 952-401-5901. Everyone else may register online at https://tonkaactivitiesregistration.registryinsigh....

You are required to pay one participation fee per year per child ($75), then you must proceed to pay your activity fee. Follow the steps on the online registration.

Note: you cannot register for a sport without a current physical on file at the MHS Activities Office.


If you have questions please contact:

During the school year
Activities Registration Secretary
Jane McGowan
(952) 401-5903

During summer break
Gwynn Pletsch
(952) 401-5904


Who do I contact for a registration questions or to see if my physical is current?

Activities Registration Secretary Gwynn Pletsch (952) 401-5904 or email

Strength Training Questions

  • Is strength training just for the football team?

All Minnetonka students are encouraged to participate in strength training as a component of their personal fitness plan. For students participating on an athletic team, strength training is absolutely essential to help prevent injuries, improve performance capabilities, and build mental toughness.

Though the Minnetonka football team takes full advantage of our state-of-the-art facilities in the Pagel Center, the Minnetonka Strength and Conditioning Program is not just a “football program.” The Minnetonka Strength and Conditioning Program is designed to meet the needs of all Minnetonka students and athletes.

  • How do I get signed up for strength training?

To register for the Summer Strength and Conditioning program you can do so by going to https://tonkaactivitiesregistration.registryinsigh.... Registration for the summer program usually begins in mid-April.

For more information about Strength Training Please Contact Jason Reader at

  • Is strength training just for male athletes?

Strength training is equally important for males and females. Our program is designed to encourage female participation. In our Strength and Conditioning Program, we have over 100 female students participate. For our female athletes to prevent injuries and reach their performance capabilities it is essential that our female athletes commit to year round, structured strength training.

For more information about Strength Training Please Contact Jason Reader at