Tonka Green

7th Annual Trash into Treasure

Saturday, April 27, 2019; 10 a.m.-1 p.m.

How it works for students:

  • Student groups partner with a charitable organization
  • The needs of the charity are researched by the students
  • A list of personal and household items are generated for donations
  • Student groups accept donations at the drive-thru event and distribute the donations to the charity.

How it works for donors:

  • Start cleaning and sort items listed into separate bundles
  • Drop off your donations at Minnetonka High School's front parking lot on Saturday, April 21 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. It's that easy! Receipts for your donation are provided at the drive-thru event.

2018 Volunteer Student Organizations:

  • MHS Earth Group
  • MHS Student Government
  • MHS People for Paws
  • MHS Legacy Class of 2019
  • Roller Garden Artistic Skating Club
  • Tonka Serves
  • MHS Blanket’s for a Cause
  • Minnetonka Public Schools Foundation Families
  • MME Service Club

Thanks so much for supporting Tonka Trash into Treasure 2018!

Here are some amazing numbers from the 2018 collection:

  • 2800 Children’s Books were given to HCMC,
  • 500 pairs of shoes were given to Shoe Away Hunger,
  • Roller Garden Artistic Skating Club collected
  • 57 boxes of books and media,
  • Avenues for Homeless Youth collected
  • 26 boxes/bags of clothing,
  • $8000.00 worth of donations were given to the Animal Humane Society,
  • 6 cars full of toys, games, and stuffed animals were given to HCMC,
  • Minnetonka Public Schools Foundation collected
  • 5 Grocery Bags of legos,
  • A Better Society-Project Life Cycle collected
  • 67 Bikes,
  • A Better Society-Project Impact collected
  • 50 grocery bags full of yarn, and crafting supplies, plus 20 bins to store items,
  • ARC-Greater Twin Cities was given 5000 lbs of clothing,
  • and
  • Loaves & Fishes was given
  • 1 trunk full of hotel sized toiletries

Trash Into Treasure Contact

Lonnie Hillis

Event Details
Saturday, April 27, 2019
Minnetonka High School