Team Award for Child-Centered Collaboration

Team Award for Child-Centered Collaboration

Collaboration is a key element of Minnetonka Public Schools' Teaching and Learning Framework. We depend on teachers, staff and the community to build relationships and design unique student experiences for deeper learning. This award gives us an opportunity to encourage a collaborative culture of innovation in our District.

2019 Award Recipients

  • Minnetonka High School Kitchen Staff
    • Patricia Brandt
    • Eleanor Brown
    • Lita Cantin
    • Sue Dubois
    • Laurie Dutton
    • Becky Gehrke
    • Katherine Hansen
    • Dana Ketts
    • Sui Kiang
    • Sharla Koski
    • Pamela Laland
    • Kimberly Lundgren
    • Drew Murphy
    • Derek Nelson
    • Jennifer Niland
    • Douglas Reitan
    • Angela Sammon
    • Jacki Schelling
    • Darryl Schorle
    • Christie Schweiger
    • Julie Thompson
    • Deb Waldenmaier
    • Sheri Weisser

Award Criteria

  • Two or more individuals will be recognized for working collaboratively on a project, with established goals, to positively impact student learning.

Nomination process

  • Any Minnetonka colleague, administrator, student, parent, community member, or alumnus may make the nomination. Self-nominations are not accepted.

The nomination shall include:

  • Nominator’s name and phone number
  • Nominee’s name, job title, and school or department

Answers to the following questions:

  • Briefly describe the team, collaborative project and goals.
  • Briefly describe how this project is positively impacting student learning

The Awards

Past Recipients


  • Team Joe
    • Christine Breen, Director of Special Services
    • Rogene Meriwether, Nurse
    • Anne Schulenberg, Special Education Teacher
    • Beth Baker, Special Education Paraprofessional
    • Kathleen Leisman, Social Worker
    • Rhonda Kullman, Licensed Practical Nurse


MME Musical Theatre Team

  • Brandon Becker
  • Amy Bieber
  • Anna Camp
  • Jennifer Hazen
  • Nathan Humason
  • Amy Jore
  • Aaron Kohrs
  • Liz McAllister
  • Renee Roels
  • Susan Sension
  • Jessica Stock


  • Brad Halvorson - MME, Language Arts Teacher
  • Ann Hanstad - MME, Science Teacher


  • Tim Ketel, Excelsior Elementary, Teacher
  • Laurie Pohlad, Volunteer
  • Amy Wilkenson, Volunteer


  • Chris Pears, MHS, VANTAGE
  • Melissa Olson, MHS, VANTAGE
  • Erik Sill, MHS, VANTAGE
  • Brent Veninga, MHS, VANTAGE