High School (Grades 9-12)

Minnetonka Public Schools is a national leader in public education, frequently touted as one of the best public school districts in Minnesota by Niche.com. Our district focuses on world-class, child-centered excellence, and is dedicated to helping each student reach their potential. Tonka Online, our e-learning program, has been around for more than 10 years. Minnetonka's emphasis on excellence and our years of experience in e-learning ensures that your child is getting an education you can trust.

High school students participating in Tonka Online will have many of the same experiences as traditional students, with the added flexibility and convenience that only comes through online education. Tonka Online courses have been designed specifically for e-learning, which allows teachers to provide personalized instruction and better support learners.

Program Details

  • Full English program (non-Immersion) option
  • Single-course supplemental program option
  • Taught with Minnetonka developed curriculum by Minnetonka teachers
  • Tonka Online options offered for required and elective courses to meet graduation requirements
  • Courses will be taught primarily through asynchronous learning
  • Select courses will provide opportunities for a blend of live-streaming and synchronous learning throughout the semester (see FAQ to learn more)