Elementary School (Grades K-5)

Minnetonka Schools has expanded its e-learning program, Tonka Online, to include options for K-8 Students. Since 2013, Tonka Online has provided High School students with the opportunity to take individual online courses using Minnetonka's rigorous curriculum and experienced teachers. The program has grown year over year, and the District is excited to offer fully virtual options to students at every grade level.

Elementary school students participating in Tonka Online will have many of the same experiences as traditional students, with the added flexibility and convenience that only comes through online education. Tonka Online courses have been specifically designed to provide a quality e-learning experience, which allows teachers to provide personalized instruction and better support learners.

Program Details

  • Full English program (non-Immersion)
  • K-1 Spanish Immersion program
  • Taught with Minnetonka's curriculum by Minnetonka teachers
  • Blend of synchronous and asynchronous instructional models
  • Daily specialist experiences (such as art, music, PE, etc.)
  • Advanced learning and instructional support programs offered

Additional Information About Signature Programs

Options For Language Immersion Students
Minnetonka Public Schools will provide Spanish language immersion for students in Kindergarten and first grade, with the intent to expand to other grades as these students continue their Tonka Online experience.

While the District is unable to offer a full Chinese language Immersion e-learning option at this time, the goal is to provide a consistent language experience for Immersion students who elect to participate in the e-learning program, as well as access to supplemental language development programs.

Advanced Learning Programs
If you have a child who participates in advanced learning programs, such as accelerated math, Wings or Navigators, options will also be offered. However, Navigator opportunities will be supplementary.