Students enrolled in Tonka Online can expect the same high academic standards and commitment to excellence that the Minnetonka Public School District is known for providing. Our program focuses on supporting the whole child - their academics and social/emotional development.

Some examples of the unique benefits of enrolling in Tonka Online include:

  • Tonka Online uses Minnetonka Public Schools' curriculum, never "canned" products.
  • Students are taught by actual Minnetonka Public Schools teachers, voted the Best Teachers in Minnesota by
  • 1 to 1 iPad program ensures you don't need to provide your own device for learning.
  • Spanish Immersion is offered online, starting in Kindergarten or first grade.
  • Social and emotional opportunities are provided both during and after school.
    • Ongoing social and emotional lessons delivered by specialized staff.
    • Social opportunities to connect with teachers and classmates throughout the day.
    • Virtual clubs for after school enrichment.
  • Connecting students virtually with experts and guest speakers.
  • Hands-on science at home with the support of our dedicated Science Center.
  • Rich e-book collection and monthly access to physical book pick-ups.
  • Computer programming/coding for all ages.
  • And much more!

Academics by Grade Level

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