Computer Science & Coding

K-12 Computer Science & Maker Spaces

Inspired by, we have implemented a K-12 coding curriculum that introduces all students to the language of computer programming. In addition, Tonka Coders & Makers simultaneously offers and develops advanced level coursework for students aspiring to specialize in this area. This program is unique– one of the first of its kind in the state of Minnesota.

Computer programming skills have become essential to our students' success. This is not because they will all grow up to program computers, but because our students need to understand the science behind digital devices, which play such an important role in our modern world. Students need to create technology, not just consume it.

Tonka Doodles

Similar to Google Doodles, students code their own unique "Tonka" messages for a holiday of their choice. Their Doodles are then submitted to and displayed below.



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