Computer Science & Coding

K-12 Computer Science & Maker Spaces

Inspired by, we have implemented a K-12 coding curriculum that introduces all students to the language of computer programming. In addition, Tonka Coders & Makers simultaneously offers and develops advanced level coursework for students aspiring to specialize in this area. This program is unique– one of the first of its kind in the state of Minnesota.

Computer programming skills have become essential to our students' success. This is not because they will all grow up to program computers, but because our students need to understand the science behind digital devices, which play such an important role in our modern world. Students need to create technology, not just consume it.


Tonka Doodles

March 1 - First Day of Spring

We chose the first day of spring ( March 1st ) because the spring air is really refreshing. The weather gets warmer, and you just end up feeling more happy. The pleasant sun shining dazzlingly through the clouds supplies you with creative energy and instantly makes you feel less depressed. The weather is glorious and the peaceful atmosphere is overall beautiful.

March 2 - Dr. Seuss Day

Since 1937, when And to Think I Saw it on Mulberry Street came out, America has been reading Dr Seuss’s classic stories and loving them. From the Cat in a Hat to Oh the Place You’ll Go these iconic stories draw us in day after day. With his hilarious ideas and out of this world characters we can’t seem to get enough. His stories have shown us a whole new way to look at literature. This is why on March 2nd we have chosen to celebrate Dr. Seuss Day to appreciate him and his brilliant ideas.

March 8 - Daylight Savings

We selected Presidents Day to celebrate our forefathers that came before us. We believe that it is important to celebrate and honor the individuals that set aside their personal needs for other human beings!

March 17 - St. Patrick's Day

We chose St. Patricks Day because there are many different things you can do with the holiday. Also, St. Patricks Day is coming up next month! The reason people celebrate St. Patrick's Day is to remember one of Ireland's patron saints, St. Patrick. St. Patrick ministered christianity in Ireland during the 5th century. We celebrate St. Patrick's Day in the United States because it largely represents Irish-American culture. Protestants who protest wear an orange stripe instead of wearing green. No one usually wears white because the white stripe in between the green and orange on the Irish flag represents peace between the Roman Catholic majority and the Protestant minority. The reason we wear green is because it supposedly made someone invisible to leprechauns who were fairy creatures who would pinch anyone they could see. Those are a few reasons why we chose St. Patrick's Day!

March 20 - National Day of Happiness

Students: Brix, Marin, Maximilian

The International day of happiness is celebrated on March 20th and is a time to be happy and change our attitudes! People are now starting to realize that progress and going further is not just about economy. Your happiness is part of something bigger. The international day of happiness is more than just a fun celebration every year, but is a time to remind us that the world is a better place when we connect with people around us.

March 23 - National Puppy Day

Students: Lydia, Tom, Graham

The reason we chose puppy day is because we wanted to celebrate the unconditional love that puppies give us. On top of the T is one of our group member’s dog. Although puppies might not seem like much, they can fill your life with joy!


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