Computer Science & Coding

K-12 Computer Science & Maker Spaces

Inspired by, we have implemented a K-12 coding curriculum that introduces all students to the language of computer programming. In addition, Tonka Coders & Makers simultaneously offers and develops advanced level coursework for students aspiring to specialize in this area. This program is unique– one of the first of its kind in the state of Minnesota.

Computer programming skills have become essential to our students' success. This is not because they will all grow up to program computers, but because our students need to understand the science behind digital devices, which play such an important role in our modern world. Students need to create technology, not just consume it.


Tonka Doodles

November 29 - Pomegranate Day

Pomegranates have lots of history, and they are a symbol of unity under one authority. Unity makes the world a better place because we are stronger when we stand together. Pomegranates are also one of healthiest foods on the planet because they reduce your risk of getting diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and arthritis.

Creators: Afton and Lydia from MMW

December 1 - Disco Day

We chose Disco Day because dancing is an important thing of life and it is a symbol to some people.

Creators: Christian and AJ from MMW

December 11 - International Mountain Day

International Mountain day brings awareness to the importance of mountains in the ecosystems, and celebration to the people and communities that strive within them. International Mountain Day commemorates the role in which mountains play in providing food, water, and recreation. International Mountain Day was also created to highlight the fact that global warming and climate change is really affecting the ecosystems and communities that thrive within mountains. Learn more:

Creators: Hailey, Mina, and Ava from MMW

December 25 - Christmas Day

We decided to do Christmas, because it’s one of our favorites, and the most fun holiday!

Creators: William, Wilson, and Ty from MMW

December 25 - Christmas Day

We chose Christmas because it is a widespread and popular holiday. It never fails to make fond memories. 

Creators: Thomas, Benjamin, and Taylor from MME

December 28 - Stan Lee's Birthday

We chose this day because it is the birthday of Stan Lee, the one who first created Marvel comics, which then turned into the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. We all like Marvel, so we decided that nothing could go wrong with a Marvel-themed Tonka doodle. Yes, we are excited for the new Marvel movies that were announced not too far back.

Creators: Adam, Erik, and Chase, and Jonah from MME


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