Music Options

Elementary School

  • Grades 1-4: Students enjoy music class with a licensed music teacher. Classroom Music includes singing, playing instruments, listening, movement and music reading. String lessons may begin in grade four.
  • Grade 5: Students may elect to focus their music instruction in bandorchestrachoir or classroom music. Beyond traditional instrumental group lessons, students who elect to specialize have a full band, orchestra or choir experience with multiple performance opportunities throughout the year. This model has proven to accelerate musical achievement beyond most elementary level music programs.

Middle School

  • Our middle schools provide elective options to increase student knowledge and appreciation of the fine arts. Through performance and presentation, opportunities that expand each year, students can explore and pursue potential talents in band, orchestra, choir, classroom/general music, drama and studio art.
  • Students who wish to play an instrument as well as develop vocal talents are encouraged to join morning choir in addition to registering for band or orchestra. Small group and individual lessons are available to help students excel in vocal and instrumental music.

High School

  • Band: Our band program includes five concert bands, two jazz ensembles, a percussion ensemble, pep band and marching band. The bands make more than 30 community appearances annually at events and competitions. The Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band have traveled to music festivals in California, Hawaii, Washington, D.C., Austria, Norway and China. Our successful Jazz Band has been featured on Minnesota jazz radio, made appearances at the Dakota Jazz Club and has received invitations to perform with college and professional musicians.
  • Orchestra: Our award-winning orchestra program has four orchestras plus extra-curricular activities. We have been awarded the Meritorious Orchestra Program for the state of Minnesota, and our high school orchestras participate in music festivals around the country. Our high school groups have toured to music festivals in locations such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Orlando, and San Diego in the United States. Our top ensemble has toured internationally to destinations such as Germany, Czech Republic, Austria and Puerto Rico. In 2015, they toured to Beijing and Shanghai, China, with the MHS Wind Ensemble. In 2017 they will tour Spain with the MHS Wind Ensemble performing a full orchestra tour. Our co-curricular Chamber Orchestra consistently receives Superior ratings and is often deemed the Best-in-Site performance.
  • Choir: Choir ensembles at the high school include five choirs, chamber singers, the varsity madrigal singers and Donna Voce. Like our bands and orchestras, the top choirs perform and compete locally, nationally and internationally. Since 2012, the Concert Choir has toured Ireland, New York, Chicago, Italy, Rome and London.

Girl playing the flute

Minnetonka Music Academy

Minnetonka Music Academy

The Minnetonka Music Academy is an enrichment program offered through Minnetonka Community Education. Recognized by Lake Minnetonka Magazine in 2016 for the "Best Music Lessons," Minnetonka Music Academy offers private and group instruction in piano, guitar, woodwinds, brass, strings, percussion and voice in a relaxed environment for children and adults of all ages. Lessons are scheduled at ten convenient locations in Minnetonka Public School District.