Middle School Services

Minnetonka Public Schools is dedicated to meeting the unique, individual academic needs of each student.

Advanced Learning offers the following programs and services to middle school students and teachers.

High Potential Seminar

High Potential Seminar is a yearlong course that meets once per week for all three years of middle school. The class is designed to meet the intellectual and social/emotional needs of gifted learners. Each grade level participates in three different thematic units. Units are designed according to the National Association for Gifted Children Standards, and they align with the District mission and vision for High Potential Learners.

To meet intellectual needs, units are designed to:

  • Present meaningful problems that are abstract, open-ended, multifaceted
  • Explore concepts and principles vs. facts and skills
  • Require leaps of insight and transfer
  • Integrate student interests and capitalize on reasoning strengths

To meet social/emotional needs, High Potential Seminar provides:

  • Consistent opportunity to work with intellectual peers
  • Ongoing support from a gifted educator who understands the gifted learner and can help with struggles a child may experience (e.g. perfectionism, intensities, underachievement, anxiety, etc.)
  • A safe context to share ideas

For further information, please contact the High Potential Teacher at your child's middle school:

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Target Population

Intellectually gifted. Gifted students with IQ nearly two standard deviations above the norm.

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Program Goal

Engage, challenge and connect gifted learners. Provide multidisciplinary enrichment to ensure higher-order thinking development. Support unique social and emotional need through meaningful work with intellectual peers.

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Program Structure

Pull-out. Small group pull-out once per week for one period; time of pull-out rotates weekly.

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Standardized assessment data; teacher and parent input. Weighted matrix combines multiple data points - CogAT, WISC-V, KBIT2, or other reasoning aptitude assessment (130+ or 98%il); NWEA or MCA achievement scores; teacher and parent rating scales.

Honors and Accelerated Courses

While the majority of students at Minnetonka Middle School East and Minnetonka Middle School West find appropriate levels of challenge within the general classroom settings, some students' needs are better met in other settings.

Honors courses are provided in 6th, 7th and 8th grade. These courses are designed to meet the needs of students who are functioning at an abstract level or have a very high ability in one or more of these subjects. Students must also demonstrate the motivation and work habits necessary to be successful with more rigorous curriculum.

Download the Middle School course catalog

Academic Placement

Learn more about academic placement at Minnetonka Middle School East and West.


Diane Rundquist
Director of Advanced Learning

Submit questions and feedback online and receive a response within one business day through Let’s Talk.

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Minnetonka middle schools typically offer several academic activities including:

  • Continental Math League
  • Destination ImagiNation
  • Knowledge Bowl
  • Math Club
  • Minecraft Club
  • Science Olympiad
  • Speech Team

Check the middle school webpages for a current list of enrichment activities.