Accelerated Math

We offer a very rigorous regular mathematics curriculum with the average student in Minnetonka achieving two grade levels ahead of the national norm in mathematics by fourth grade. By the time students reach fifth grade, they are six grade levels ahead of the national norm.

In Minnetonka, we recognize that students who demonstrate high potential in mathematics are ready for challenges beyond the state standards for their grade level. For highly motivated students who are even further ahead of national norms, we offer an Accelerated Math curriculum beginning in fourth grade so that students may continue to grow and thrive in mathematics.

Ability to cross math pathways after grade four

Because students develop different strengths at varying points in their development, we provide opportunities for students to cross math pathways at various points after grade four. A student may not qualify for accelerated math in fourth grade, but still have an opportunity to qualify in grades five, six or eight. In Minnetonka, we strive to meet students where they are and inspire them to progress to the next level and beyond. For this reason, students are most successful when they are appropriately placed in mathematics based on their development and demonstrated achievement, which may vary as they grow.

Tonka Online gives students the opportunity to "prepare" or "accelerate" their math sequences beginning the summer following eighth grade.

Minnetonka High School offers a variety of courses in college-level math and computer science courses, from AP Statistics and Multivariable Calculus to IB Computer Science and IB Further Math HL. See the Skipper Log Course Catalog for a complete listing of math pathways.