Advanced Learning

Some students have academic skills, cognitive abilities, leadership abilities and creative talents beyond their classmates. High Potential learners have the right to an educational environment where their unique education needs are planned for and respected. High Potential services are designed to meet the needs of these students.

High Potential students are children and youth with outstanding talent relative to others of their age, experience or environment. High Potential students are identified through a screening process that is multi-dimensional, including teacher observation, parent input, student input, classroom performance, and standardized test information. Parents/guardians who have questions or concerns about their child and services should contact their child's classroom teacher, school high potential teacher or Diane Rundquist, Director of Advanced Learner Programs at 952-401-5100.


The mission of Minnetonka’s Advanced Learner Program is to:

  • provide programs and opportunities for students to discover, develop and realize their potential as individuals and as contributing, responsible members of the community and
  • support achievement at a level commensurate with the student’s ability.


The vision of Minnetonka’s Advanced Learner Program is to develop students who:

  • think creatively and critically to innovate
  • demonstrate tenacity and resilience in the face of challenge and setbacks
  • collaborate by listening deeply, viewing wisely, speaking mindfully, and acting courageously
  • consider multiple perspectives in decision-making and in leadership
  • seek balance in cognitive, social and emotional health
  • contribute responsibly to the global community

High Potential students have unique characteristics that require appropriate learning experiences. Education should provide opportunities appropriate to each individual's abilities, motivation, type & pace of learning and potential (in accordance with State Board Rules).

Minnetonka’s Advanced Learner programs are designed to meet the needs of learners who may be intellectually gifted, academically advanced, or both! By having a variety of programs—each thoughtfully designed to extend specific learning strengths—we provide additional challenge to students in the areas they need to grow and flourish.

Intellectually Gifted Learners

Children with unique intellectual ability as demonstrated through significantly advanced abilities to problem solve and synthesize knowledge and high levels of divergent, critical, logical, and abstract thinking. These learners have IQ scores two standard deviations or more above the norm and are capable of high performance on reasoning tasks when compared to others of similar age, experience and environment. The Wings program at the elementary, and HP Seminar at the middle level, are designed to serve gifted learners, both intellectually and effectively.

Academically Advanced Learners

Children who demonstrate exceptional performance in one or more academic areas. Exceptional performance includes working well beyond grade level and possessing and/or applying knowledge in transformative, complex ways. Academic Extension, Academic Enrichment, Independent Investigations, and PROJECTthink are all programs that serve academically talented students at the elementary level. Honors and accelerated courses meet needs of academically talented middle school students. Minnetonka High School offers an unparalleled array of academic choices so that students can maximize their high school experience, pursue their passions and prepare for college and career.

Opportunities for academic extensions are available at all schools, through in-school experiences or after-school academic clubs and activities. Many students have the opportunity to participate in regional, state and national academic competitions.


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