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VANTAGE Education is a great choice for any student who has ever thought about becoming a teacher.
This track provides a deep dive into the education profession and will expose students to many different school environments.

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“We are excited about this new VANTAGE offering. Licensed teachers need to complete an undergraduate degree and this course will accelerate this process for our students.  Students taking this class will be well on the way to becoming a great teacher.”

- Roger Andre, VANTAGE Director

More about the program

This course combines CIS Exploring the Teaching Profession, a partnership through the University of Minnesota, and English for the Education Profession, which fulfills a graduation English credit. In addition to traditional academic activities, students in VANTAGE Education will experience project-based learning, guest instruction, site visits, and direct mentoring from teaching professionals. Students will spend ample time in classrooms experiencing the everyday reality of teaching. Students will investigate all aspects of the education profession including teaching, paraprofessional roles, and education administration. Students will develop innovative learning activities and try them in classroom settings with primarily preschool and elementary students.



Register for VANTAGE Education if you are interested in: 

  • Have ever thought about becoming a teacher
  • Are interested in the world of education and are interested in exploring if teaching is for you
  • Are interested in earning college credit while in high school

Course Credit

Grades offered: 11-12
MHS credits: 2.0
University of Minnesota credits: 5.0

  • CIS Exploring the Teaching Profession
    • 1.0 FACS elective credit (weighted)
    • 2.0 University of Minnesota credits
  • CIS Public Speaking
    • 1.0 English credit (weighted)
    • 3.0 University of Minnesota Duluth credits for CIS Public Speaking

Guest Instructors

Guest instructors provide expertise on topics aligned to the VANTAGE curriculum. Teachers use a content-first approach to learning, enabling you to master academic core content, and then see how it is implemented by business partners to provide solutions to real-world challenges.

Mentorship and Networking

All VANTAGE students have a 1:1 mentor, but the networking extends beyond one professional. Mentors often open doors and guest instructors freely share their contact information, some provide employment and extended site visits.