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VANTAGE Education is a great choice for any student who has ever thought about becoming a teacher.

This strand provides a deep dive into the education profession and will expose students to many different school environments.

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“I have more opportunities in the education field right now when others may not have that until their third year of college. I am getting a sneak peek at what my career will be.”

- VANTAGE Education student

The VANTAGE Experience

The VANTAGE Education course engages students in a deep and broad exploration of the world of education. The class visits different schools using various models to educate different types of students. Students spend extensive time observing and working in classrooms, experiencing the everyday reality of teaching. They investigate all aspects of the education profession, including teaching, paraprofessional roles and education administration. Students develop innovative learning activities and try them in classroom settings, primarily with preschool and elementary students. 

Students are paired with a one-on-one mentor for the year as part of the VANTAGE program. Each semester, they work on external company projects, working on a real-world problem/challenge. Students receive valuable insights through guest instruction and enriching site visits that align with their academic curriculum. Throughout this experience, students develop and hone essential skills such as professionalism, teamwork, effective communication, problem-solving and leadership.



Register for VANTAGE Education if you: 

  • Have ever thought about becoming a teacher
  • Are interested in the world of education and are interested in exploring whether teaching is for you
  • Are interested in earning college credit while in high school

Course Credit

Grades offered: 11-12
MHS credits: 2.0
University of Minnesota credits: 5.0

  • CIS Exploring the Teaching Profession
    • 1.0 FACS elective credit (weighted)
    • 2.0 University of Minnesota credits
  • CIS Public Speaking
    • 1.0 English credit (weighted)
    • 3.0 University of Minnesota Duluth credits for CIS Public Speaking