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With a focus on human-centered design, students will get a jump-start into learning to developing user-friendly web sites and mobile applications.

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What we get to take out of the class actually get to put back into something that can help somebody else. It’s not just learning and memorizing and test-taking. It’s learning and then using it with real people.

- Ella, VANTAGE Computer Science Student



The VANTAGE Experience

VANTAGE Computer Science gives students a comprehensive look into how high-quality mobile apps and websites are designed and built. In addition to learning the content of the two embedded courses, students develop skills in creative problem-solving, innovation, UX, and human-centered design. Students are paired with a one-on-one mentor for the year as part of the VANTAGE program. Each semester, they work on external company projects, working on a real-world problem/challenge. Students receive valuable insights through guest instruction and enriching site visits that align with their academic curriculum. Throughout this experience, students develop and hone essential skills such as professionalism, teamwork, effective communication, problem-solving, and leadership.

Register for VANTAGE Computer Science if you are interested in:

  • Exploring new and emerging technologies
  • Creating applications and websites
  • Earning college credit through AP Computer Sciences Principles
  • Fulfilling an art credit.

Course Credit

Grades offered: 10-12
MHS credits: 2.0

  • AP Computer Science Principles (1.0 computer science elective credit - weighted)
  • Digital Interface Design (1.0 art credit)