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High school juniors and seniors can gain experience beyond the traditional classroom and grab this opportunity for a big step up with your future college and career plans! This Advanced Professional Studies Program will strategically position you with a competitive advantage for your college applications and career.

  • Get the hands-on experiential learning colleges value
  • Spend half your day in a professional environment with leaders in your field
  • Learn from more than 50 guest instructors who share a diverse range of insights
  • Solve real-world problems that impact our partner's bottom line and future success
  • Earn potential college credit (depending on the VANTAGE courses you pursue)
  • Earn required high school credits in English, social studies, science or physical education

Student Benefits

If you choose to participate in VANTAGE, the program will give you unparalleled insight and experience both academically and professionally. Students who become a part of VANTAGE will:

  • Explore potential career interests before applying to college
  • Connect with professionals
  • Learn through collaborative projects
  • Stand out from peers
  • Transform the high school experience
  • Increase communication skills
  • Grow in competence, identity and effectiveness as a professional
  • Set high performance standards and goals that stimulate personal motivation
  • Learn to cope with the formal and informal structures of an organization
  • Enhance career development
  • Improve knowledge about what is happening in the professional world
  • Increase coursework satisfaction
  • Reap the benefits of exploring potential career paths early on

Student Commitment Checklist

  • Wear proper professional attire
  • Be professional when addressing your instructors, mentor and other professionals
  • Be on time
  • Participate in any arranged group work sessions or teams working on real projects
  • Participate in any special events or opportunities offered by your mentor or instructors
  • Complete projects on time or before due date
  • Be a good, active listener
  • Be open to instruction and advice
  • Ask for and be receptive to feedback
  • Ask questions and “pick your mentor’s brain” to gain knowledge about your profession of interest
  • Be a problem-solver
  • Take responsibility for your own growth and success
  • Document your success
  • Request letters of recommendation
  • Support and collaborate with others
  • Be eager to learn and show initiative
  • Demonstrate follow through and willingness to apply the knowledge and advice mentors and instructors offer
  • Present needs in an articulate way
  • Exhibit a professional attitude
  • Participate in an initial face-to-face meeting with mentor. Face-to-face meetings may be scheduled at the VANTAGE location, mentor’s office, coffee shop, etc. Subsequent meetings should be scheduled based on mentor’s schedule – weekly, monthly or as needed
  • Communicate with your mentor a minimum of one email per week
  • Maintain confidentiality
VANTAGE students standing alongside their business partners.

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