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Organizations partner with VANTAGE student teams to collaborate in order to solve real problems through project-driven work. Student teams deliver customer research, videos, marketing campaigns and data analysis, to name a few. Learn how you can be part of this valuable and rewarding experience.

Featured Partnership - Best Buy

Watch the KARE11 feature on VANTAGE and our work with Best Buy

Make VANTAGE Part of Your Company’s Success

VANTAGE students bring a combination of hard work, experienced project coaches, and a unique perspective to your challenge. Some of our projects have led to multi-million dollar benefits for partners. 95% of our project partners indicated they would want to do another project with a VANTAGE team. We do it all at a great price – free!

Project partners commit to three meetings with their VANTAGE student team over the course of the semester as well as ad-hoc communications as-needed. Projects last about 3 months.

Project partners range from global corporations like Caribou and Nike to small, local businesses like Olive’s Fresh Pizza. We also work with non-profits like Gigi’s Playhouse, ICA, and Hennepin County Water. If you have a challenge you could use help with, we are happy to consider your organization.

We have six strands at VANTAGE, and each strand offers different types of projects. See which one is right for you:

VANTAGE StrandTypical Projects
Design + MarketingLogos, branding, marketing materials, social media campaigns, web site design

Business in a Global EconomyCustomer research, competitive research, any business challenge

Global Food Sustainability: Economics and the EnvironmentFall projects are food oriented: new product development, consumer research, food production systems, anything food related. (Spring projects are environment/sustainability focused)

Business AnalyticsUsing data and analysis tools to gain insights on business

Digital JournalismStorytelling through media. Videos and social media to get your word out

Health SciencesAnything health related. Human behavior studies, wellness behaviors, etc.

Project Partner Case Studies

Project Partner Application

Now accepting applications for the 2018-19 school year!

We work with new companies and organizations at the start of each semester. You can apply by filling out the following information.

Now accepting Project Partner applications for the 2018-19 school year.

Project Partner Application

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