Project Partners

Organizations partner with VANTAGE student teams to collaborate in order to solve real problems through project-driven work. We look to our outside community for companies to partner with who offer an authentic business project or challenge for VANTAGE students to research, analyze and help solve. Student teams deliver customer research, videos, marketing campaigns and data analysis, to name a few. Our students work in small groups to bring a positive outcome to your company.

Project Partner Application

Now accepting applications for the 2020-21 school year!

We work with new companies and organizations at the start of each semester. You can apply by filling out the application.

Project Partner Application

What does a project look like?

VANTAGE teams work with new companies at the start of each semester. The following outlines what you can expect when you sign up for a project:

  1. Identify a problem or challenge.
  2. VANTAGE leadership works with you to align on a charter.
  3. You are contacted by student team to set up a kick-off meeting.
  4. After the kick-off, your commitment is a mid-point and a final meeting where students will present their research and findings.

We ask that you are available via email or phone for additional ad-hoc questions. The average time commitment over the course of a semester is approximately 10-12 hours.



VANTAGE students bring a combination of hard work and a unique perspective to your challenge. Some of our projects have led to multi-million dollar benefits for partners. 95% of our project partners indicated they would want to do another project with a VANTAGE team. We do it all at a great price – free!

We have seven strands at VANTAGE, and each strand offers different types of projects.

VANTAGE Strand Typical Projects
Design + Marketing Logos, branding, marketing materials, social media campaigns, web site design


Global Business Customer research, competitive research, any business challenge


Global Sustainability Fall projects are food oriented: new product development, consumer research, food production systems, anything food related. Spring projects are environment/sustainability focused.


Business Analytics Using data and analysis tools to gain insights on business


Digital Journalism Storytelling through media; videos and social media to get your word out


Health Sciences Anything health related. Human behavior studies, wellness behaviors, etc.


User Experience (UX) Design Developing mobile applications and websites for small-medium sized businesses

Featured Partnership - Best Buy


Watch the KARE11 feature on VANTAGE and our work with Best Buy

Project Partner Case Studies

VANTAGE students standing alongside their business partners.

Project Partners

Project partners range from global corporations to small local businesses and nonprofits. If you have a challenge you could use help with, we are happy to consider your organization.

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