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What is the VANTAGE Mentor Program?

The Mentor Program is an integral component of the VANTAGE experience. All VANTAGE students are assigned a mentor, a trusted and experienced advisor.

Mentors have a desire and commitment to encourage and motivate a high school student in the areas of career and life exploration and development. Mentors also coach students and teams on their VANTAGE project work.

Why Should I Become a Mentor?

There are numerous benefits from participation in the program, including the opportunity to:

  • Contribute to the development of future leaders
  • Practice leadership and coaching skills
  • Gain additional networking contacts
  • Gain by giving

What are Mentor's Responsibilities?

Mentor responsibilities are simple, yet have a profound impact. Responsibilities include:

  • Coach your student on how to manage and behave in a professional relationship
  • Encourage and motivate as a positive role model
  • Share your knowledge of the work world

Minimum requirements are:

  • At least one monthly meeting with your student
  • Timely response to student communications and queries
  • Preview any student materials sent ahead of meetings
  • Complete three rounds of evaluations on the student’s management of the mentor relationship

Additional interactions enhance the mentor relationship, and benefit both you and the student. Optional activities include:

  • Helping students with team projects and coaching on presentations
  • Helping teachers with off-site activities or participating in workshops
  • Guest speaker for the VANTAGE program

How Do I Become a Mentor?

Please submit the following form to be placed on our mentor list for the 2021-22 school year.

Mentor Interest Form

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Much Time is Required?

Mentors are asked to commit to one direct interaction with their assigned student each month of the program. The program runs September – May.

In addition, mentors are asked to complete a short evaluation of their assigned student three times/year.

Am I Qualified to Be a Mentor?

If you are employed, or have past experience in a work environment, as well as a sincere interest in coaching and developing a student in a one-to-one professional relationship, we want you as a mentor in the VANTAGE program.

VANTAGE students standing alongside their business partners.

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