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The Minnesota Department of Health maintains the Nursing Assistant Registry, which lists the names of individuals who have completed an approved nursing assistant training and testing program or testing program and meet state and federal requirements to work in nursing homes and certified boarding care homes.

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Getting on the Nursing Assistant Registry is optional at VANTAGE

Vantage Health Science students take either an EMR or NAR class as part of the VANTAGE Health Sciences Strand. Completing this class is the only requirement for completing the VANTAGE strand.

Completing this class is not sufficient for getting on the NAR (Nursing Assistant Registry) from the state of Minnesota. Students must complete additional requirements to be registered with the State of Minnesota. VANTAGE facilitates, but does not require or take responsibility for, completion of these additional requirements.

NAR Certification Requirements

To be registered with the State of Minnesota through VANTAGE, students must complete three steps:

  • Pass the VANTAGE state approved NAR class - your child is currently enrolled. There is no further action needed, other than to pass the class.
  • Pass the state NAR exam
  • Complete required clinical hours

Pass the NAR Exam
Information on the State of Minnesota NAR exam can be found on the Minnesota Department of Health website. There are many locations where you can take this exam. The closest option is at Hennepin Technical College in Eden Prairie:

Hennepin Technical College
Eden Prairie Campus
13100 College View Drive
Eden Prairie, MN 55347
(952) 995-1300

Exam cost at this and most facilities is approximately $175.

Complete Required Clinical Hours
To obtain state certification, students must complete 16 clinical hours working with an approved nurse in a licensed nursing home. Pending availability of partners, VANTAGE will facilitate student completion of these clinical hours. Most of these clinical hours will be completed in the months of May and early June.

Clinical Hours Through CAPSTONE
Senior students eligible for CAPSTONE may opt to complete clinicals as their CAPSTONE project. There are additional requirements for CAPSTONE, and students completing clinicals through CAPSTONE are responsible for all additional requirements. Students completing clinicals through CAPSTONE are likely to do their 16 clinical hours in three shifts during regular business hours in the CAPSTONE period before the end of the school year.

Clinical Hours without CAPSTONE
Students completing clinicals without CAPSTONE will be completing their 16 hours in three shifts after school or on weekends.

Next Steps

VANTAGE NAR students need to submit the following form indicating your clinical path preference by February 5, 2019.

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