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Thursday, May 24 from 6-7:30 p.m. | MHS Forum

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Digital Journalism offers you a laboratory experience in writing and delivering copy for radio and television while developing critical thinking skills. You will learn about the entire broadcast journalism production cycle from pre-production through storytelling, concepting, storyboarding, scripting, treatments and pitches to final production and editing. The course includes audio and video recording of students delivering podcasts, commercials, interviews and public service announcements related to Minnetonka, community and local business events.

Working with local broadcast professionals, you will learn industry standards for broadcast journalism as well as broadcast advertising and social media. For any student interested in a possible career either in front of or behind the camera, this course will jump start that journey.


This year-long, two-credit course earns credits in:

• Video Production (one credit for Arts requirement)
• Digital Journalism and Investigative Research (one credit for English requirement)


Guest instructors provide their expertise on topics aligned with the VANTAGE curriculum. Teachers use a content-first approach to learning, enabling you to master academic core content first and then see how it is implemented by industry business partners to provide solutions to real-world challenges.


All VANTAGE students have a 1:1 mentor, but the networking extends beyond one professional. Mentors often open doors and guest instructors freely share their contact information.

    • Video: Students will produce high quality video content, learning to frame, film, edit and tell the story of the events using Final Cut Pro X.
    • Communication: Students will analyze effective communication within journalism. Students will initiate and conduct interviews, write copy, and complete relevant research to meet high journalistic standards.

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