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Students learn interactive, graphic and product design skills and how they are applied in the commercial world. The goal of this course is to bring together form and function to learn and create 2D and 3D products that are designed by creatively combining materials and digital media. Students learn about marketing variables that impact products and how skillfully designed visual images and products succeed in the marketplace.

Students work with local, national and international businesses as they learn to master programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. By taking a lead role in planning, designing and presenting work to colleagues and clients, students function as a design and marketing consultant during the process. This program is offered to juniors and seniors.

Course Credit
Year-long, two-credit course earns:

  • Marketing I and II (one elective credit in Business)
  • Graphic and Product Design I and II (one credit in Art)

Guest Instructors

Guest instructors provide expertise on topics aligned to the VANTAGE curriculum. Teachers use a content-first approach to learning, enabling you to master academic core content, and then see how it is implemented by business partners to provide solutions to real-world challenges.

Mentorship and Networking

All VANTAGE students have a 1:1 mentor, but the networking extends beyond one professional. Mentors often open doors and guest instructors freely share their contact information, some provide employment and extended site visits.

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