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What is VANTAGE?

VANTAGE, Minnetonka’s Advanced Professional Studies program, is a dynamic collaboration between Minnetonka High School and the professional community. For students who want to gain a deep understanding of and actively participate in a high-demand profession, VANTAGE offers an inspiring, hands-on program, combining rigorous coursework with dynamic project-based learning in a collaborative professional environment.


VANTAGE engages students in active, hands-on learning where they get to apply academic coursework in relevant, real world settings. Students immediately see the relevance of what they are learning in a field of interest to them. Working with mentors, project-teams and guest instructors, students discover a new level of motivation and collaboration and gain the skill-sets needed to excel in the 21st century workplace.


From day one, VANTAGE students are off-site in a professional setting. Guest instructors, 1:1 mentors, and professional-partner projects are the primary focus of class time.


VANTAGE, by definition, is a strategic position. The program is designed to strategically position students with a competitive advantage for college applications and careers.

Stand out on your college application by focusing your essay on a project you completed in your field. Demonstrate passion and experience in your chosen field.

Whether you take a VANTAGE course that incorporates an Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) or general courses, you can find success in VANTAGE because the teaching and learning styles are different. It is a rare form of learning–real, applied, relevant and experiential–which will serve you well not only in college, but also in your future career. You will be amazed at how much you can achieve when you are actively engaged and passionate about course work.

Position yourself for future internships with a resumé and professional experience rarely seen among undergraduates. More importantly, acquire the confidence, communication skills, work ethic and professionalism you will need to succeed.

Areas of Study

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Roger Andre
VANTAGE Director

Stephanie Lolich
VANTAGE Program Strategist

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VANTAGE Program Coordinator

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