Program overview

In this unique program, students work with a project team to solve real-world problems and learn about the challenges of project-driven work. Under the direction of a licensed teacher and in partnership with professionals, these project teams strive to make a contribution to a partner-defined project while gaining invaluable experience in today's marketplace.

The VANTAGE experience

In VANTAGE, students spend half of their school day on location in their selected area of focus. Students make a commitment for the year. In groups of 20-25 and under the direction of a licensed teacher, students study the unique needs of the corporate partner and engage with mentors and project managers as they learn about project-driven work environments. In addition to the partner-directed work of the project teams, students gain a deep understanding of the partner's corporate mission and learn about the future of their chosen field.

Corporate partners

Working with local partners, Minnetonka teachers are transforming the high school experience. With a foundation of concepts taught in traditional, required and elective courses, this project-based curriculum addresses employment gaps within existing professional environments, preparing today's students for tomorrow's high-skill, high-demand careers.

  • This program introduces highly-motivated high school students to potential career interests before applying to colleges (and subsequently paying tuition).
  • Our students have a chance to network with local business leaders, mentor under experienced teachers, and gain hands-on experience in cutting-edge fields.
  • Our partners benefit from the relationships they form with these young people due to the infusion of creativity and enthusiasm into a current project, as well as in developing their future workforce.

Added value

VANTAGE strategically positions Minnetonka High School students by not only preparing them for future employment, but by building early relationships that will benefit students in their post-college career search.

Minnetonka VANTAGE students will:

  • Build a competitive high school transcript and college application
  • Demonstrate both Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate coursework
  • Gain real-world skills and experience through corporate partnerships and site visits
  • Get an advantage in the evolving college landscape and developing new economy

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VANTAGE Program Strategist

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VANTAGE Program Coordinator

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