Summer Courses

Tonka Online fills your summer with possibilities

Fill Your Summer with Possibilities

With Tonka Online, you complete coursework at your own pace, at whatever time you choose, all in the comfort of your own study space. Using innovative online learning tools like Schoology, you will complete work, collaborate with classmates, discuss topics with teachers and gain frequent feedback through online assessments.

Our Courses, Our Teachers, Our High Standards

All Tonka Online courses are created and taught by our experienced Minnetonka teachers, ranked #1 District with the Best Teachers in Minnesota (2018) according to

Each course is designed specifically for online learning and meets the highest quality curricular expectations of the Minnetonka School District. All our courses are approved by both the Minnesota Department of Education and NCAA.

With Tonka Online, you can:

  • Catch up or get more flexibility in the fall by completing required or preparatory courses over the summer
  • Leap ahead by taking a preparatory class or immerse yourself in a challenging AP course
  • Pursue electives that align with your passions or explore a whole new topic
  • Get your PE or other required course credit out of the way
  • Ensure time for signature programs during junior and senior year
Summer courses are available to 8-12 grade students in Minnesota, whether they are enrolled in the Minnetonka School District, attend another school or are home-schooled - these students can take advantage of Tonka Online!

Extensive Course Options

Classes include pre-AP (biology, calculus, chemistry) and AP (macro and psych) options, physical education, preparatory courses, art, accelerated math, PE, English 11 and 12, computer science, app development, environmental studies, world language (Spanish, ASL) and many more!

*All courses offered by Tonka Online are available over the summer, with the exception of AP Art History, English 11, Model U.N., AP Physics C - Mechanics, Biology G and AP U.S. Government and Politics.

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Affordable Cost

During the summer, there is a fee for all Tonka Online courses of $325 for all 0.5 credit courses with the exception of Fitness A and Wellness B Physical Education courses. They are discounted to $199 each.

How to Register

Registration for summer courses is open! Please register by Saturday, May 26.

Out-of-District Registration

For students in grades 9-12 anywhere in Minnesota.

MHS Student Registration

For Minnetonka High School students in grades 9-12 and incoming freshmen.

MME/MMW Registration

For MME and MMW students interested in attending a summer course.

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