Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Questions

Who can enroll in Tonka Online?

Tonka Online courses serve high school students across Minnesota, including students from Districts outside Minnetonka, charter schools, private schools and students who are in homeschool.

How do I enroll in an online course through Tonka Online?

  • Students from outside Minnetonka Public Schools should follow the online application process.
  • Minnetonka students can register through Skyward using the same procedures you would for regular courses.

What are the enrollment deadlines?

Course sessions align with the Minnetonka School District calendar.

  • Summer 2017 runs June 12-Aug. 18 (10 weeks)
    • Registration is open Feb. 21-March 6 for MHS students registering through Skyward
    • Registration is open Feb. 21-June 2 for students registering online (Minnetonka students should talk to their school counselor if they want to register after Skyward registration closes. Minnetonka students will still pay via Skyward Fee Management.)
  • Fall 2017 runs Sept. 5-Jan. 22
    • Registration is open Feb. 21-March 6
  • Spring 2018 runs Jan. 23-June 7.
    • Registration is open Feb. 21-March 6

Can I drop a Tonka Online course?

  • You may drop a course with no record in Skyward in the first 20 days of the course.
  • If dropped after 20 days, your transcripts will show a record of the course and drop.
  • Incompletes can be given per teacher discretion to students who have been making progress but need extra time to complete the course requirements. Course work must be completed in a two-week window. If course work is not completed in that time, the grade will be changed to a failing grade. This is consistent with Minnetonka High School guidelines.
  • No drops are allowed in the last two weeks of any course.

Payment Questions

How much does Tonka Online cost?

If you are in the Minnetonka School District and Tonka Online is selected as a part of a student's regular schedule, there is no charge for a Tonka Online course. However, if you are taking a Tonka Online course as a 7th class, there is a fee of $325 for Semester 0.5 Credit Courses (P1 = $325 and P2 = $325) with the exception of Fitness A and Wellness B Physical Education courses. They are $199 each.

If you are an out of district student, please contact us for specific pricing.

Does my school pay the fees or do I pay the fees?

When you attend a public school and Tonka Online is part of your regular schedule within the school day during the school year, there is no charge for a Tonka Online course. However, if you are taking a Tonka Online course as an extra class, attend private school, or are homeschooled, there is a fee.

When will I pay for a Tonka Online course?

For summer courses, parents/guardians will be notified electronically via email on June 1 regarding the payment procedure for Tonka Online courses. The preferred method of payment is online, however checks are also be accepted. For classes during the regular school year, fees will be placed in Skyward Family Access after the beginning of the class (for Minnetonka families).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Payment for summer courses is due in full by June 12 for the summer courses. Please note the refund policy for more detail.

How do I make payments?

Minnetonka District families will pay through Skyward Fee Management or by check to the Bursar at the high school.

Out-of-District families will be sent an invoice from the Bursar at the high school. Additional payment information will be included in your Welcome Letter.

What is the refund policy?

Pro-Rated Refund*:

  • Full refund if course is cancelled
  • Full refund if course is dropped before the first day of the course
  • 50% refund if course is dropped between the first and end of the 20th day of class
  • No refund if course is dropped after day 20 of a class

*Note: Weekend days are included in the calculation of class days.

Program Questions

What are the course start and end dates?

Course sessions align with the Minnetonka School District calendar.

  • Spring 2018 runs January 23 through June 7.
  • Summer 2018 runs June 11 through August 17 (10 weeks).
  • Fall 2018 runs September 4 through January 21.

Will I receive credit for courses I take online?

Yes. Tonka Online courses count just the same as a traditional course. Minnetonka Public School District students will receive a letter grade and credit for courses completed through Tonka Online on their transcripts.

Some courses (Pre AP Chem, Pre AP Bio for example) are available to audit. Students who audit a Tonka Online course participate fully in the course, but a grade will not appear on their transcript, simply a record that they took the course.

How many courses can I take through Tonka Online?

Being a successful online learner requires time and dedication to your studies. During the school year, students may take one online course per semester. For summer school, it is strongly recommended students take no more than one course due to the intensive timeline.

Will I have an instructor from Minnetonka High School?

Yes. Tonka Online courses are designed and taught by experienced Minnetonka High School teachers. Academic support is available by these experienced teachers either virtually or in person (if you attend Minnetonka High School).

How does grading work in Tonka Online?

Grading will closely align with traditional Minnetonka classrooms, and have both formative and summative assessments. Feedback will be continual and timely in an effort to maintain high levels of student success. Please review the grading policy on page 13 of the Student Handbook.

If I sign up for a summer course and do not finish, can I work on the class in the fall until it is completed?

No. You will be expected to stay on pace with the course and will complete the course on schedule and receive the grade you have earned.

Why is orientation an important part to being a student in Tonka Online?

Being a student online will be a shift for many learners. Our goal is to provide every possible resource to support your academic success.

There are two parts to orientation for students in Tonka Online. The first part involves a student completing the required documentation that is outlined in the Tonka Online Schoology site. This will introduce you to the expectations as a learner and all necessary forms and documentation.

The second part of the orientation process is the meeting that is either held virtually (such as through Skype) or at Minnetonka High School with the teacher and other students in the class. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend this orientation meeting as well.

Our family travels in the summer. Can I still participate in Tonka Online?

Yes. Tonka Online not only provides a vehicle to extend learning through the summer months, but it also provides a mobile learning environment. All that is needed is a dependable internet connection.

  • Students who are planning to travel and will not be able to access the internet consistently during that time must make a plan with the instructor in advance of their departure.
  • In order to stay current in coursework you should not be away from an internet connection for more than a week at a time.
  • You may work ahead to avoid missing important due dates, or discuss an adjusted time frame with the course instructor.

What is the workload?

This is a common question for students considering an online course. While the coursework and assignments can be done when they fit a student’s schedule, there is still an expectation of regular work in all courses. A general rule of thumb is about 3-5 hours per week for each course. Online PE is a less, with about 45 min of coursework (not including routine fitness activities).

Where do I go for my online course if I am taking it during the school year?

If you attend Minnetonka High School, Tonka Online students work in the Media Center during their scheduled online course period. Provided it is not distracting to others, juniors and seniors who are scheduled for a Tonka Online class can utilize any space in the building for their study time.

Students enrolling in Tonka Online from outside the District select a space and time best suited to their learning needs.

Questions About Online Learning

How does online learning work?

Each course is led by a Minnetonka High School teacher who guides students through the curriculum. Tonka Online courses provide a highly-personalized learning path that aims at empowering you to manage your time while providing a structure to keep you motivated and on-track to complete the coursework.

Course curriculum includes modules or units. You have some flexibility in the completion of units/modules, but you are expected to meet the targeted deadlines. Because the coursework requires an ongoing effort, you will need to spend time working in Schoology at least 3-4 times per week.

As you navigate through the units/modules of the course, you will engage with the instructor and other students in a highly collaborative environment that includes the thoughtful use of discussion boards, Google Docs and online virtual conferencing.

Why would a public school offer online courses?

The intent of Tonka Online is not to replace the rich learning experience that takes place in a traditional classroom, but rather to supplement this experience with new opportunities for students. Our goal is to provide a world-class online experience that provides students with more course options and increased flexibility in scheduling.

Why should I take an online course?

Becoming a successful online learner is an integral skillset that students should master to thrive in the 21st Century. Many students will take online courses in college or post-secondary careers and find themselves with no preparation for success. Online learning through Tonka Online allows you to experience online learning with the guidance of a highly-qualified instructor that is dedicated to ensuring your success in the course and the support of a highly-structured program.

How can I support my child in online learning?

Encourage your child to use help-seeking strategies if he/she doesn’t understand something. This includes contacting the teacher, requesting a time to meet during virtual or office hours, asking peers for clarity, conducting research to learn more, or rereading the instructions for clarity. To create good study habits, students should set a schedule, set aside uninterrupted time to focus on coursework, and actively participate with their classmates and the instructor. As a general practice, students should be encouraged to login at least 3-4 times a week to Schoology.

Being a successful online learner means that students also understand the importance of digital health and wellness. Parents can take advantage of free resources to help promote responsibility and ethical use of technology. Plagiarism is never acceptable and could result in an automatic failure of the course. Help your child understand the seriousness of plagiarism. (To learn more about plagiarism, please visit

How does an online course look to colleges?

Credits earned in all Tonka Online courses will appear just like any other credit that students may earn while in high school. Minnetonka does not differentiate between an online and a traditional course in content or expectations, therefore there is no difference on a student transcript. In fact, students may take at least one online course as they continue their education after high school, so Tonka Online gives students a great opportunity to develop online learning skills.

Tonka Online students working at home