AP World History

  • Course number:
    • Part One: T120F (Fall), T120W (Winter)
    • Part Two: T122F (Fall), T122W (Winter)
  • Grades offered: 11-12
  • Credits: .5 (per semester)
  • Prerequisites: Contemporary U.S. History; AP U.S. History; American Studies 10 Honors (grade B or better). Complete Part 1 before Part 2.

Course Description: Students complete advanced level reading, writing, and analysis on topics in World History. Reading assignments come from a college-level text, and students work to become more skilled at answering stimulus-based multiple choice exams and short answer questions and writing historical essays. The AP World History course begins with the period “to 600 BCE” and ends in the present day. The class is divided into manageable periods and the class will also focus on mastery of skills critical to the AP World History exam. Students may choose to take the World History AP exam for possible college credit.

Instructional Methods/Assessments: Instructional methods include readings, discussion boards, videos, analysis of documents, and review of interpretive essays by historians. Assessments include essays, objective tests, document-based essays, reading reports, online class participation, and AP World History exam for college credit (optional).

Recommended Background for Success: Completion of AP U.S. History or American Studies 10 Honors, an interest in an in-depth, college-level course, and record of performing at an “A” or “high B” level in social studies courses.

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