AP Macroeconomics

  • Course number: T136S (Summer), T136F (Fall), T136W (Winter)
  • Grade(s) offered: 11-12
  • Credits: .5 (per semester)
  • Prerequisites: None

Course Description: Students will study economic growth, inflation, unemployment, foreign trade, monetary, and fiscal policies at a college freshman level. Lessons are designed to assist students who wish to take the Advanced Placement test for college credit. It is expected that students electing this course will take the AP exam, for which there is a fee.

Instructional Methods/Assessments: Instructional methods include lecture, class discussion, simulations, individual and group activities. A variety of assessments are employed including tests, quizzes, daily work, projects, and both individual and group activities.

Recommended Background for Success: Students should demonstrate an ability to read college level material, basic math skills, and the ability to express thoughts.

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